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Sorry Bernie, No Hillary - We Are Revolutionaries!

Jill Stein

The great Fred Hampton, Black Panther leader that was murdered by Chicago police in cahoots with the FBI on December 3,1969, had a refrain he used in his speeches. "I am a revolutionary." Partly he was killed because of his oratory skills, partly because of his organizing skills. He was in the process of merging the Black Panthers with other activists groups of the day - and J. Edgar Hoover put a stop to all that.

Brand New Angle for Activists (by The Ox)

No one ever pulled off a "revolution" of any kind (or is going to)...

working 9-5 at it, taking the weekends off

voting without taking any direct action whatsoever

writing and posting articles or embracing the arts only

thinking that what happened to MLK won't happen to your radical leader

expecting a public plagued by cynicism, apathy, resignation and high tech gadgetry atomization to do something in meaningful solidarity (without a new ingredient being injected into the mix)

marching in circles with placards

Staring Down the Precipice: An Interview with Richard Oxman

Richard Oxman is an educator living in Santa Cruz County, California. After talking both on the phone and by email with him the past few months, he has already become a dear friend to me. As someone interested in revolutionary politics, peace, and in providing a livable world for our children, I grew more and more interested as he began to share his plan for social change in his home state, which he calls Transforming our State of California (TOSCA). The following are excerpts from our ongoing (never-ending!) conversations.

Community Policing 101

Andy Griffith show pic

Older folks will remember the Andy Griffith Show, where the Mayberry law enforcement team of Andy Griffith and Barney Fife maintained security through community policing. Okay it was TV, with a context of generally happy, middle class white folk living in small town America. But the idea was good.

It's still good. And it's an idea much needed at this time. We don't really need to review the symptoms. Folks, especially of color, are being gunned down left and right. We need to find answers. We need systemic change.