COCREATE = Collaborate


Creating is the constant in our biological lives. We generate thoughts, feelings, ideas and effort, all of which have some effect. Cocreating is but the recognition that we are all constantly creating together. Here in World 5.0, with this recognition, we are making the attempt to make cocreation as aware and positive and positive as possible. We are hopeful that in connecting with others, we can find common ground and common goals in which we wish to participate.

So of course the old word for working together was collaborate. We like cocreate because this 'ultimate' collaboration of creating the new emerging culture is inherently creative.

Cocreating leads us to projects. It is through projects that we transform. Throughout our history we can say that it is projects that have created civilization, and that the movement within our culture is to a great degree due to projects. That said, we no longer need the projects of Empire, corporatism and elitism. World 5.0 projects are intended to heal and to support human health and happiness. So much potential we share as we find our place Here Together. Project #1 is to enable World 5.0. Would love to see you engaged.