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2020 Vision

Well, Here we are folks! A pivotal year in so many ways. Climate chaos is upon us. The very fabric of what’s left of our democracy is being hollowed out by senate Republicans addicted to power and corruption in the Trump Impeachment Trial. At the same time, the primary season is upon us, beginning with the Iowa Caucuses in early February. 

The classic notion of 2020 vision is that of clear sightedness, of which there is little to none in our government or corporate controllers. Even in the elitist lust for power there should be some sense that saving the planet is a serious consideration, if only to continue their malevolent behavior. 

Sadly, there are few voices in the the U.S. political system that are willing to publicly take a stand on our many issues – corruption, climate chaos, income disparity, etc. The only viable candidate who speaks openly and clearly about the nature and scope of our problems is Bernie Sanders. This makes him the clear choice in my humble opinion.

Yet there is room for all sorts of new visioning in this year of vision – 2020. We more clearly than ever see the ongoing tragedy of corporate influence dominating our culture and environment. Indeed, the ongoing tragedy of corporate malfeasance makes it clear that corporations have no place in our new operating system. Which is why it’s such a priority for World 5.0.

And while ridding our culture of corporate control is a great priority, we need a more positive vision than just ending this travesty. We need to understand the truth of who and where we are.

Who we are is biological entities, experiencing Life on Earth. Simple and clear. Less clear, in this broken culture, is that where we find ourselves is All Here Together in Life. Let this sink in. In spite of our long past and many potential futures, Life exists only Now. The totality of this moment, where the future becomes the past, is where we always find ourselves. That we constantly experience the passage of time is because it’s exactly what’s going on. Ever plowing into the future, ever churning the wake that is our past.

We all hold some vision for a better future. Clean air and water, abundant communities, organic food, a world of peace – and we more clearly build our new world by realizing where we are and that, always, we move from Here. This simple recognition is our ground in creating a new vision for the U.S. and the world.

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