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Sheeple No More

<p>The term suggests people who are sheep, easily led to whatever fate. And such has certainly been true for most of us throughout history.</p>

<p>To be clear, there are forces at work that have contributed to our 'sheepleness' for a thousand years. Kings and wealthy merchants have little desire for a population that questions everything. "You be sheep, we'll take care of everything" is a variation of the well-worn elitist mentality.</p>

Restorative Justice

<p>Now that we've cleared up a few things...</p>

<p>1) Corporations don't care about us or this Earth<br /> 2) Our elite controllers will do anything to hold power <br /> 3) We must end militarism and bullshit about 'security'<br /> 4) Trump, Republicans, and corporate Democrats do not help us<br /> 5) Addressing climate chaos is required quickly</p>

<p>We could make this a much longer list, but if you agree with the above, we're already tracking together.</p>

This Central Truth of Life

<p>When one considers the wretched condition of our lives and our planet, it's hard not to point fingers, as I have surely done, at the forces I believe to be responsible. That blame typically goes toward elites, corporations and nation states. I still hold that these purveyors of power through their money and institutions are indeed, at the heart of our problems.</p>

The Vast Impact of Legalizing Hemp

<p>The Empire doesn't understand yet what has happened. Legalizing hemp farming and hemp industries will have a profound impact on our local communities, our soil, our ecosystems and our culture at large. They don't understand that legalizing hemp, part of the new Farm Bill enacted in December, is a tremendous catalyst for change. But we do.</p>

We're Waving Blue

<p>November's Midterm Election ushered in the beginning of a new era - mainstream progressive politics. Right here in the good ol' USA. We haven't seen this kind of energy since the 1960s, which gave us the Equal Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the women's liberation movement and the EPA, for starters. Resistance to war and meme's like 'Free Love' filled the air.</p>

Where Do We Go From Here

<p>After nearly two years of Trump, decades of war, corporations more powerful and insulated than ever, and our federal government a travesty. Where do we go from here? Recognize too that we have been beaten down and misled for hundreds, if not a thousand years. Elite use of the legal entity called 'The Corporation' has decimated our lives and planet.</p>

No More Bombs

<p>An ugly week, with the pipe bomber targeting Donald Trump critics with 13 bombs, a Louisville shooter who gunned down two black forks at a supermarket and the ugliness in Pittsburgh against Jews with 11 dead. Donald Trump only takes credit, never blame, though his influence is hardly deniable at this point.</p>

<p>Each of the three instigators of this week's violence were angry white nationalists, killing people who are not from the same 'tribe' as they were. In truth there is only one viable 'tribe' these days. It's called the human race.</p>

Why the Blue Wave Will Hold

<p>As we wind our way to Election, 2018, there is a wide variety of possibilities to unfold. From Trump's 'there may be a red wave' to the possibility of a blue tsunami where Democrats take the Senate as well as the House.</p>

<p>This year's election is surely crucial, the stakes never higher in my lifetime. If we get more of the same, we will hopefully survive, but we do not improve our fare or our Earth.</p>

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