After air and water, food is our most essential need. It is sacred. It is life. And yet in the World4 culture is is just another profit driven commodity.

It is, in a sense, redundant to speak of organic food, since this was the only food we consumed for eons. It has only been since after World War II, when industrialists with the new found technologies of chemical weapons chose to repurpose those chemical weapons toward our food system. Presumably their mantra was, “Hey if it’ll kill - it’ll kill bugs too!”

Things have ‘progressed logically’ until today we have a heavily industrialized food system where plants are manipulated to withstand horrific chemicals, and where animals and humans engaged in the system are treated brutally. Monsanto, DuPont, ADM - they will happily poison us and our Earth for a few dollars more. This must end.

Time for a new food system

A food system based on holistic distribution, ecology, human health and supporting our Earth and human spirit.

Already we see fantastic inroads being made globally and locally. Farmers are resisting GMO seeds and methodology for a return to organic farming. Non-GMO seeds are being planted at a greater rate than anytime in recent history. Farmers are learning that the great promise of GMO foods is just bullshit.

What we're learning is that we want to control our food intake in far more intimate ways, local ways, organic ways, than the old system makes allowance for. This area is dedicated to growing our organic food movement, and creating far healthier bodies.