Peace is the great healer, the great gift of Life once we grasp our eternal nature. These bodies are not who we are, they are but the clothing we were in this experience of Earth reality at this time. As consciousness, as beings of awareness, we are eternal. And as eternal entities, there can be nothing to fear.

Of course such high-minded thinking and feeling does not relieve us of the struggles and challenges of life on Planet Earth. This ‘Earth-plane’ is such that our bodies require regular care, and no less our emotions and spirit selves require care. In this war-torn, corrupt, World4 culture, the challenges are great indeed.

Eternal Awareness

And so it is that we must start within, finding the source of our consciousness - Eternal Awareness. We all share - all that it shares - Awareness. It is the medium of Life. It is the Yin to energy's Yang. It is unending stillness and infinite recognition. When we tap into our true selves, there is no anxiety, no fear. We literally feel ourselves at home Here in Life, and we rejoice in our recognition. We know and stand our ground.

Once we have clarity within, we can join with each other and millions of our sisters and brothers dedicated to creating a peaceful world. We can organize, join groups, create projects and with time, overthrough the permanent war paradigm we've been living within for a generation.

The Foundation of Peace

As the first plank of the World 5.0 Platform, it is the first thing we must address to come into our true selves. Use the links to learn more, or better yet become a creator so that you can contribute to this area.