Resist Trumpland, Create Our Future Now


A planet ruled by corporations enabled by nation states no longer serves us, and can no longer be tolerated. In the early days of Donald Trump, President, we are seeing a rising up as hasn't been seen since the 1960s. It started here with Occupy, and recently the Womens' March held unprecedented numbers.

Politicians are being hounded. Trump's executive orders are being slapped down, and his cabinet picks finding deep seated resistance. We are learning we are not helpless. We are also learning that to avoid the disasterous and unending effects of a corrupt system, we must resist.

As World5 finds its ground, this area will be used to help in the struggle to resist and to create anew. As we find our ground in World5, we'll see our lives anew as well, grounded together here as we are. And this ground is where we stand as we resist and create anew. 

We've never before had this coalescing truth to stand on. We've never had a clear idea of what we wanted to create and how we want to proceed, (always, from Here). The portents of this tru tru idea are far reaching, and we create them as we go.

You can learn far more by reading the book, World 5.0 - Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together, reading The three Truths, watching the Declaration or other vids, or just clicking on the World 5.0 menu above.

Stay tuned... :) 

Color of Change

Our Revolution

World Beyond War


Still We Are Here

Always we are being, know that we all share Life together right now. We share this truth of being.

Here we recognize that we're all here together - forever.

Here we understand the totality of Now - there is no other reality.

Here is where we ever think, feel, believe, hope, experience Life and change. It happens nowhere else.

Here is the only place where our intent is active and available to change our thoughts, feelings and belief codes.

Here is Tao - the co-mingling of Eternal Awareness and this constant ever changing Energy of Love.

Here is our Home, and the Home of Joy. Even as we engage, we remain every here. Be a reminder of the totality of now, with us all here together.