The Three Truths

three flowers

World 5.0 is based on The Three Truths, which orients our culture toward the fundamental nature of reality, and away from the severe level of bullshit so pronounced in our failing world4 culture.


World4 has an underlying axiom that time is a continuum, with past, present and future as the three components, all having similar validity in our lives. But this is blatantly false. Our experience of reality points in a different direction. Our experience suggests that we live in This Moment, a place in time we cannot leave [care to try?].

And yet this false, world4 mindset dominates our culture. Who has not heard some pundit proclaim: "The reality is if we don't stop terrorists, they will blow up our country." "If-thens" are not reality, they are if-thens. Reality is Here, this moment. Sure, if may lead to this or that if/then, but if a car bomber in Times Square makes a poor bomb, or a thousand other circumstances develop, then his bomb does not do damage. And yet the if/then assumptiveness runs rampant in world4 culture, creating as stated above, a severe level of bullshit.

The Three Truths

Life Is This Moment

The first truth is stated thus: Life Is This Moment. It consists of Eternal Awareness and this constant flux of Energy. We Live Here.

Eternal Awareness is but another name for God, Life, Love, Peace, Truth, etc. They are the same. This constant flux of energy is an obvious scientific fact. As energy patterns, we share the same Earth, the same air, families and communities and of course, this lovely never-ending Moment. And again, We Live Here but further cements our place in time and in relationship.

Fear or Love

The second truth is this: Here, of prime concern is our intent, fear or Love.

Once we get ourselves acclimated to our Hereness, we more easily recognize the power of our intent in determining our experience. We know about attitude and its effects. World5 offers the understanding that we create the quality of our experiences through our intent. We cannot keep another from anger or hate, but we can well choose our response to such unpleasantness.

The second part of this truth is that the simple choice for our intent is between fear and Love. This simplicity is lost in the world4 culture, with its distraction and manipulation, but its reality is not lessened for lack of awareness. Thoughts and feelings of compassion, peace, love, beauty, contentment, communion - all align with Love. Thoughts and feelings of self-importance, of fear, anger, hate, depression, boredom, meanness - all the result of fearfulness.

It's worth recognizing, too, our levels of being. We are body, mind and Spirit, and while our bodies are distinct, our Spirit is One, as the term describes the Divine Spark we each carry and all share. So while we must train ourselves to be fearless in our minds, our Spirit is already without fear. Being of Eternal Awareness, it is impossible for Spirit to experience fear.

Only Love makes us happy

The third truth is the most simple of all: Only Love makes us happy.

Now while some of our less aware brothers and sisters believe they are finding happiness in taking advantage or abusing another, in having better looks or more possessions, in obtaining status and fame, etc. These experiences might mirror happiness, even as lust might mirror Love, but something inside us knows better. Indeed, studies show that those folks who are helpful and compassionate are far happier than those who care only for themselves. Imagine this.

A happiness that disappears with the end of a relationship is not happiness. A happiness that flees as soon as one is bested in some fashion is not happiness. A happiness that reviles another or some group of others is not happiness at all, but the unwell smirkiness of a lost soul.

Real happiness stems from Eternal Awareness, Our Source. It is the joy found only in This Moment, the joy of being Immersed Together. Real happiness remains constant in spite of the dramas that this life entails. Real happiness comes from our Soul. In connecting with our true selves, we connect with all. Now that's nice.

A threat to World4

Of course from the world4 perspective such ideas are threatening, their merits ridiculed and demonized as world4 pundits and apologists are inclined to do. But it's clear these days that world4 is ridiculous, and if we do not find a better path for ourselves and our peeps, we leave this Earth a far poorer place, and ourselves as well.