World 5.0 - Healing Our Lives Together




Download: World 5.0 - Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together by Jim Prues


World 5.0 - Healing Our Selves, Our Earth and Our Life Together is the seminal tome of our new age. It frames human existence to the context of Life, which of course exists only Now. Grounding ourselves Here in Life is a tremendous start in discerning the truth of who we are.

After grounding us as eternal beings in evolutionary biological bodies and exploring these times from a holistic perspective, the book offers powerful ideas for personal healing, planetary healing and what our future will be [presuming we salvage it from the World4 power brokers].

The journey begins within. We cannot heal until we find healing, and our healing comes from within. The book makes this clear, and lays out a path for ridding ourselves of fear - the great destroyer of happiness. As we heal and find our true selves, we recognize we're all Here together, and our vast potential as we find ourselves and engage with our communities.

This book, World 5.0, has the clarity and power to act as a catalyst for substantive change by creating a powerful movement of the citizenry. Hmmm. Now who else is talking about such a revolution?

Through the Eternal Values of Integrity, Justice and Balance we find our ground, understand our place in Life, and learn to live free from fear. Through our dedication and passion we'll join together to transform our world

This tool is part of the Great Turning that is underway. And it's free [meaning the book].

Thank you for writing World 5.0! It has become one of my all-time favorite books and I’m only half-way through it.- David Bernstein, Seattle, WA, USA


Download: World 5.0 - Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together by Jim Prues


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