The World 5.0 Alliance





The World 5 Alliance is for all of us who want to create a new operating system for our species.

We Live in the totality of Now, all of us Here together. This is the irrefutable Truth.

We recognize that unless we heal and join together to resist the corrupt system of corporate control, we will continue to suffer. And that a beautiful new way forward is in progress.

We hold Peace, Love, Integrity, Justice and Balance as the keys to our truth and happiness.

While we all hold our own unique space, we all share This Time, This Life.

We are relentless in the pursuit of choosing Love over fear.

And as This inner Life unfolds, we are called to engage.

So begins the World5 Alliance.

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With the recognition that our old culture is corrupt and our planet is ruled by corporations and elites enabled by nation states, we start down a fresh path.


These are the keys of the World5 Alliance.

Peace because we recognize our place within Eternal Awareness - God. We seek to create peace in our minds, hearts, families and communities that we may find our way to joy.

Love because we recognize our place within this vast field of Energy we call the Universe. Love, seen as the light of energy, is constant and ever-flowing. It is the remedy to fear, which dominates the old corrupt culture. All we need is Love.

Integrity is required to build Trust, and trust is badly needed in this dysfunctional world. It's the only path to our true selves, as integrity builds our internal honesty as well. Without it we can not find peace.

Justice because fairness isn't enough considering the grave ills we face and the vast damage done by those behind the corporations. Fairness might establish a context that ignores history. Justice does not allow for such ignorance.

Balance because Life is balance. On Earth ecology is balance. Human life is always about balance. Awareness and Energy exist and co-mingle only in Life Now, the only place we are all together. Life is Tao.


Against the backdrop of our Life here together, we are now forming the World5 Alliance. Indeed, we are all already utterly aligned as part of Life. We who see and work toward creating a new cultural o/s based on Love are the core of this alliance.

We have The Three Truths, The Keys and The Platform. Plenty here to find truth and a fresh breeze of love and ideas.

As we awaken and emerge, we are finding interests we share. They will mostly fall into World5 Platform areas - Peace, Good Governance, Localism, Organic Food and Learning. By joining with like minded folk to create something new we live more fully. 

It is through projects that we transform our local environments. Throughout our history it is projects that have coagulated into civilizations, or let's say operating systems. 

That said, we do not support the projects of Empire, corporatism and elitism. Alliance projects are intended to heal and to support human health and happiness. Project #1 is to enable World 5.0. We support this just by being true, by being our true selves. And of course through your support, in whatever form that may be.  

Also, we have a new platform/app for engagement. It's a social, collaborative app, 'a powerful social platform for change'. It's currently subscription based (4 bucks a month), so that your privacy is secure - unlike facebook, twitter and other social sites that sell your data and try to sell you shit.

So, we invite you to join us.Please get in on the ground floor of so that we can enliven our efforts to restore our lives and heal our dear Earth. And please join this site, so that we can further collaborate and cocreate through this new alliance based on the ideals of World 5.0.

The World5 Alliance. Let's be this. Let's do this.