Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts.

Be an Animal

It’s really quite a conundrum to ‘talk’ about the totality of now, because the very act of using words – thinking – keeps us from keeping up with This Totality. We can only experience this totality when we are like the rest of the species on this planet, which is constantly present to their personal experience.

We humans developed language and intelligence and all sorts of crafty technologies, but in the process we lost the ability to just ‘be’. Our little heads are way to busy.

So this itsy, bitsy part of the Interweb is devoted to the quiet mind, the warm heart, and the recognition that we’re all here together forever. We can relax now. Panic and fear over the body’s inevitable end is a great disrespect to the Force of Life that has us here. We who sense our eternity are far more prone to joy. 

So quiet the mind, be still and know, appreciate This like an aware animal, for such you are.


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