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Birth of a Revolution

For centuries the vast majority of humanity has suffered under the thumb of elitism, the system where powerful political and commercial interests collude to take advantage of the rest of us. They start wars, they create globalism, they call us consumers. The classic name for this is plutocracy. It’s a clear sign of the failure of government, serving the interests of elites instead of citizens.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Indeed, throughout the world we see insurrection and the rejection of nation-state colonialism and corporatism. 

Here is the U.S., we have an election year of particular note and color. The republicans prostrate themselves for every hater vote, except of course for Trump who so well epitomizes hate. Democrats have a choice between another Clinton and a rare bird in American politics – a person of integrity.

This person claims #notmeus. This person claims money is the central corruptive force in our politics and culture. This person claims we need a revolution. Bernie Sanders has picked up the banner of progressive leaders throughout history, and intends a better day for we, the people.

This better day will not come through ‘negotiating’ with fundamentalists driven by ideology. Nor by those whose souls are owned by elites. The revolution is happening through common values of peace, love, integrity and justice.

We’ve had movements. In my time the sixties was a great movement, with Civil RIghts, the women’s and enviromental movements, we hippies – all told it was a near revolution. But the system was too strong, and we weren’t ready.

Since then we’ve had the Arab Spring, Occupy and Black Lives Matter, all evidence of a yearning  we share. A yearing that not only is our system corrupt, but it’s foundations are corrupt as well.

It’s true. In the dominant culture the very premise of human life is that we’re born alone, die alone and need to spend our lives trying to get ahead of the rest of humanity. And so our thoughts race, constantly flooded with the requisite fear, hate, dread mixed with the flush of triumph and domination. Such a poor existence.

The foundation that is true is that we are all here together in Life. This truth ever stares at us as we course through our lives. We call it World 5.0.

Millions of us realize this – especially the young. Millenials are stirring to this new recognition of who and where we are. Millions of us are recognizing that the way out of drama and fear is integrity and love, which open the door to peace.

And now we have a leader. Revolutionaries, Occupiers, BLMers, and activists – we now have a leader. As this most auspicious year plays out, lets not forget who and where we are.


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