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World 5.0: We Move From Here


By Jim Prues

Finding ourselves here in Trumpland - as we do - we find ourselves in an ugly place. Our lives are under stress, and for many of us the pain of living has been overwhelming. Donald Trump's reign is the logical extension of legislators and policies that are controlled by global corporations who care nothing for us. Permanent war, polluted air and water, GMO-laden foods, fossil fuel extraction and climate disruption - these are clear indicators of a broken culture, and a corporate agenda that doesn’t include us.

The old culture was built for profit, not health. The dysfunctional world we grew up in keeps taking its toll on our prosperity and our rights. Keeps trying to drag us down into a pit of hopelessness. But now it's crumbling under the weight of its own corruption.

It doesn't have to be that way. We can leave the old world behind. World 5.0 offers the truth of who and where we are. We can recognize ourselves and our world in a refreshing new context - that of Life Itself.

Knowing that we are all Here together in time, in Life, we can orient ourselves toward Life, our natural orientation. We don't have to get caught up in the day to day lies put out by corporate-owned media. We don't have to run away from the problems and dramas of our lives. Instead, we need to get our minds and hearts connected with our bodies to appreciate our personal lives - as opposed to being stuck in our heads as we were so well trained. We go within. 

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Imagine a world without war, where hunger is eliminated and there’s plenty of clean water for all. A world where relationships and communities are everyone's priority. Imagine growing and eating healthy food - from right in your own neighborhood. Imagine growing industrial hemp and the new products that will emerge. Imagine an abundance of renewable energy, providing jobs and keeping coal, oil and natural gas in the ground. Imagine a functional, responsive government. (Try really, really hard!) Imagine millions of us working to heal the planet—planting trees, mitigating pollution, reducing carbon use, and restoring our oceans.

Imagine us becoming deeply attuned to Mother Earth and Father Sun. (Amen)

This book is the instruction manual for a new operating system for our culture that we can use to change the world.

It’s time for a fundamental cultural shift—one of self-empowering, radical change through which we heal ourselves and our earth, and find the true happiness of Love.

Learn how we can realize our full potential, stop hating and fearing, and enjoy this moment while improving life for all of us as we move into the future.

There is tremendous energy toward creating a new operating system in our culture today. We see it in localism, renewable energy, the push to end war, organic food, and in so much human effort to fix our politics and government.

All that said, our true problem remains elites and nation states. Their main tool is the corporation. It is here where systemic change is needed most.

Our task is to make the transition toward a loving and abundant world as agile and peaceful as possible. Upgrade. Join us. Our answer is always Love.


“This book needed to be written. Jim addressed our cultural confusion about who and where we are, and then proceeds to describe the internal and external changes we need to transform our lives and our Earth.”
- Jim Luken - writer, activist, former war correspondent

“World 5.0 is a brighter future we dream of and Jim has so eloquently stepped us through time to show how we got here and how we can move forward.”
- Ryan Doan - urban farmer, entrepreneur

“For me the great gift of this book is the recognition that we are all here together in Life right now. When that - rather this idea is widely understood, the change we seek will come.”
- Regina Jones - mother, wife and former slave to the system

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World 5.0 - We Move From Here: Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Lives Together [Jim Prues] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We humans have been struggling to find our way for generations, thwarted by elites, nation-states and corporate interests. Globalism has made it worse.Now we finally have a guidebook.'World 5.0 - We Move From Here' breaks down who and where we are in a refreshing change from the old context we grew up in .<b>Our home is Here in Life.</b> We've been abused and distracted for so long that this simple truth has been lost. And if we are all part of Life