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Book Launch on the Solstice!

“World 5.0 – We Move From Here” delivers the truth about who and where we are, humans on planet Earth at this crucial moment in our history. And so we celebrate our new o/s coming alive on the Winter Solstice at Cafe DeSales in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati.

For too long we have have been subjected to a corrupt system that does not serve us. Corporations and nation-states have never been interested in serving their citizenry. They have offered us only crumbs as they abuse our rights and destroy our only home (yes, Earth). Their wars have decimated tribes and countries across the planet. This must end.

We end this travesty by abolishing the legal status of corporations, the thousand year scourge that came to pass through collusion between royalty and enriched merchants in Denmark and England.

We officially begin this monumental task with our Book Launch on the Solstice. Yes, we are attempting the impossible. But we’ve faced the impossible before, and some time later the impossible becomes reality.

Join us on December 21st at Cafe DeSales in East Walnut Hills in Cincinnati, Ohio at 6:00pm EST. Stay tuned as we will soon be offering ways to join us via facebook and youtube for those unable to join us in person.

This is what finding our freedom looks like.

This is a great opportunity to launch World 5.0 into the public sphere. I hope you’ll join us.

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