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This Central Truth of Life

When one considers the wretched condition of our lives and our planet, it’s hard not to point fingers, as I have surely done, at the forces I believe to be responsible. That blame typically goes toward elites, corporations and nation states. I still hold that these purveyors of power through their money and institutions are indeed, at the heart of our problems.

Yet there is something even more central to each of us that has held us bound and manipulated by the forces mentioned above. It’s the paradigm each of us live within. The way we view ourselves and our place within ourselves, our families and communities. This includes the impact of height or skin color, social status, genetics and upbringing – externals but part of us, and our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and belief codes – our internal world. 

Each of us engaging with our own lives. And in the old culture, it pretty much ends there. Ignoring the central fact of our existence. The totality of Now.

Somehow science has neglected this, as a fish might neglect water, or we neglect ‘Mother Culture’. Where is the clear axiom in science that Now is the only time that exists – this sharpness where past and future collide, this point in time where everything happens.

It is useful to our Corporate Overlords that we consider ourselves alone, weak and powerless in the face of their excess. Indeed, they rely on our ignorance to further their agenda of control and domination, even to the point of destroying our Earth. 

Is there any way an awake and aware citizenry would allow our endless wars, our GMO and sucky processed foods, the environmental desecration and destruction, climate chaos, extreme inequality, cruelty to the animals we use as food, abuse of Palestinians or Haitians, and on and on? Of course not. An awake and aware culture wouldn’t tolerate any of this bullshit – which proves we have a lot of work to do.

Yet it all starts – resets – when we awaken to ourselves Here in Life right now. This knowing clearly presents a second knowing – that we are necessarily all Here together. We cannot leave this moment of Life or each other. Sadly, the old culture keeps insisting on a paradigm that is far less real.

‘We Move From Here’, the subtitle to my book World 5.0, is intended to help furthering our awakening to this simple truth. You can’t find ‘Here’ by further thinking. The process of thinking tends to have us stuck in our heads and out of touch with our bodies and our surroundings. 

We get it by being outside, by observing and interacting with our animal friends. We get it though a quiet mind which is a result from practicing meditation. We even ‘get it’ momentarily when caught in the high drama of a sporting event or film. We stop thinking and become present. Which is exactly where we are. This recognition moves us and our sisters and brothers further into an awakened state, something we badly need right now as the old world crumbles around us.



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