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2020 Vision

a new future awaits

Well, Here we are folks! A pivotal year in so many ways. Climate chaos is upon us. The very fabric of what's left of our democracy is being hollowed out by senate Republicans addicted to power and corruption in the Trump Impeachment Trial. At the same time, the primary season is upon us, beginning with the Iowa Caucuses in early February. 

As Our Earth Turns

Tantric sex with light and dark.

It's hard to imagine that there have been times in our civilization's past where our culture teeters on the edge of an abyss as it does now. We've had plenty of horrible experiences in our past, but none has been on the global scale of what we find today. Our history is a litany of corruption and abuse, and according to corporate media sources, there is no end in sight.

Of Clear Mind and Warm Heart

gratitude rocks

In this time of brokenness, where truth is lost to lies and propaganda at a record pace, there is a respite. There is a way to discern what is 'real' from all the bullshit we live in. There is a place to ground oneself...

Woodstock Lives!

a young woman of peace

The Woodstock Music Festival was held August 15 -18, 1969 in upstate New York. It was in many ways the capstone of an utterly wild time, when young people revolted against the conformist stereotypes of the day. There's plenty of content online about the event and the tumultuous 1960's that surrounded the weekend.

The Integrity Requirement

Integrity is Required

As our political and governmental systems deepen their dysfunctionality, as corporations act ever more brazenly in their greed, as our planet suffers from the horrors of a broken culture, we clearly recognize that these systems fail miserably when it comes to integrity. When we look at our local and statewide political institutions, we see a similar pattern of corruption, with policies and attitudes that favor the folks with lots of money.

From Scarcity to Abundance


While our Earth and we, the people are suffering greatly in these times as the World4 'era of corporations' model continues to fail under the weight of its own corruption, a new model is emerging. 

It's a model that rejects the inevitability of globalism, and seeks solutions to local problems on a local level. It's a model that rejects the crappy food pushed onto us by box store chains and fast food corporations like McDonalds. It's a model that reflects back to us our innate humanity, and our need to work on behalf of each other to thrive.

Sheeple No More

blind acceptance sucks

The term suggests people who are sheep, easily led to whatever fate. And such has certainly been true for most of us throughout history.

To be clear, there are forces at work that have contributed to our 'sheepleness' for a thousand years. Kings and wealthy merchants have little desire for a population that questions everything. "You be sheep, we'll take care of everything" is a variation of the well-worn elitist mentality.