We are inherently and totally connected, Here in Life. There is no other reality. As such, it behooves us to take part in and encourage further connection.

This site is intended to help us in our efforts to connect. You can create a World 5.0 profile, connect with facebook, twitter and other social media, and find folks of similar interests or the same communities as yourself.

Perhaps most critically, when we recognize our connection to each other and everything, and use our intent to further this connection, we find ourselves in with a new perspective. This new perspective is a tangible sense of our togetherness. An awakened recognition of who and where we are. And by connecting, we further leave the broken culture we grew up in behind, creating a new consciousness for ourselves here in life.

So much more enchanting than the fear and isolation offered by the old, dying culture. Join with us!

Watch the film: Connect – A New Ecological Paradigm