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The Battle Within and the Best Way Forward

The stunning reality of President Trump has amplified the fear of millions and not without reason. With his ‘victory’, and his emerging choices for key posts showing a Basket of Deplorables, we may well find ourselves in a deplorable state as well.

The long list of issues leading us down this path are now clear, and it’s the hands behind our mega corporations and long standing bankers like the Rothchilds that are intentionally destroying us and our home planet for power and control. They’re sick in the head.

The central strategy for their success is to keep us terrified, bewildered and distracted. Their central tool in that strategy is fear. Full stop. Their central tool is fear

Fear is the compassion killer, the awareness killer, and the killer of our happiness. Where there is fear, love cannot enter. Any more than reason can enter the realm of insanity. Indeed, when we seek to know what keeps us from being happy more than anything else, it is fear.

Of course I don’t mean the thrill seeking, momentary fears of looking over a steep cliff or of losing a game. I mean the deep seated, constant, trauma and stress driven fear that quite literally owns us.

Such is the battle within, amplified mightily be a failing world. And yet the answer remains the same as it ever was. The answer is Love.

Just as love cannot abide a space filled with fear, fear cannot abide the presence of Love. Learning to be with this Presence of Love within us teaches us peace and love, which are but two sides of the same Tao.

Many of us know this dynamic, but have had little success in ridding ourselves of fear. This is because we still hold the old culture view that we are isolated individuals living in our past and future, with occasional moments here in the present. We live in a bubble, and yet it is a bubble we do not see.

The truth is that, while we all have our uniqueness in place, we all share the same time. And that this time is Now. Quite simply, we are all here together. Always Here. This simple truth gives us ground to stand on as we wage our battles against fear.

Which focuses things quite a bit. The question is now, not whether we will choose fear or love in the future, the question is ‘what do we choose now’. Because of course Now is the only place in time where our intent is exercised, and where we can impact our thoughts, feelings and most importantly our belief codes.

So, with the intent to spend This in Love instead of fear, a few simple strategies are in order.

First, recognize fear for what it is and what it does. You will not dismiss your fears easily, yet steady emphasis with the consistent choice to let go of fearful thoughts and engage in loving thoughts. If this seems impossible to you, know that the keys are forgiveness and gratitude. These are two of the best words that resonate Love.

Our intent then, is thoughts and feelings of love and compassion. Your belief codes will drive your ability to find success in this, so they are where you look when you’re struggling to find happy thoughts and feelings.

The second step is to seek a quiet mind. We’re always a step behind Now when we’re thinking, regardless of the quality of our thoughts. The very process of thinking engages our attention, or intent, so that our experience of Life is second hand. With a quiet mind we enjoy the Presence of our Source, Life, and the other biological and non-biological beings we share this Timeless Moment with.

Finally, breathe like it’s the best thing in your life, because it surely is. Not only does it keep us alive through the constant recharge of our cells, it focuses our intent on the present, connects us with our body, and brings feelings of calm and joy.

Because we are so under-oxygenated in our typical day to day existence, we rarely take the time to focus on what we need most - to breathe.

So, now that we understand the battle, and the strategy to ‘win’, what about our failing world?

Our stumbling science is beginning to recognize the essential nature of energy and vibration. It even presumes the totality of Now, though it’s more implied than stated as the central fact of our existence.

The wiser among us even understand, as did physicist Max Planck, that ““When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Our thoughts, emotions and belief codes are susceptible to change, and when we change them, our world changes to reflect these changes.

With such a given, what are the energy vibrations that best suit us in these foreboding times? Of course, same as it ever was, Love is the answer. Holding the space of peace. Sending forth the vibration of Love, always and toward everyone and everything - this is our best answer to a failing world.

Do not forget that we have been abused and lied to for generations. Do not forget current efforts to abuse us further. And most of all, do not forget that this incredible experience of Life we share, as breathing humans Here on Earth, is far more powerful than the haters that rule us.

No question we need to resist the machinations of a failing empire, the now ugly US of A. No doubt we must engage with our communities and replace corporatism. But the biggest single thing we can do, for ourselves, our sisters and brothers, and our Earth, is to Love.