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The Call of Integrity

Now that we officially live in crazy times, where truth is abandoned at every turn by elites, politicians and media whores, it seems a good time to remind ourselves of the value of integrity

There are internal and external reasons why integrity has such value. While it begins and ends within each of us, Let’s start with the reasons for it in our family, community and planet that make it so essential.

We see the dysfunctionality of so many families these days, it’s an endemic disease. And there are several key components that can contribute to this dysfunction. Financial scarcity, health issues, varying ideologies, especially those between generations. The trauma of long years of abuse. Yet the simple truth is that such situations are made immensely more troubling where integrity is absent, and immensely more more tolerable where integrity is present.

The best predictor of a healthy young adult is the nurturing that took place early in life. And to receive that nurturing there must be at least one person of integrity in that child’s life. Someone they can trust.

Day to day relationships struggle immensely when one or multiple parties cannot trust each other. You cheated, you said you would do this, you didn’t come home when you said.

These same dynamics play out in our neighborhoods and communities and business dealings. Where integrity is lacking, it is easier for negative forces to play out. Our demons come out. This entire corrupt culture we live within is built on a lack of integrity. And so we suffer. With integrity we are aligning with our better angels, and in so doing we see and create a happier space.

Integrity is honesty. Period. Which allows for trust, the biggest single requisite for a successful relationship. We can have great disagreements about a situation and what’s to be done, but so long as it’s done with honesty we can move forward shoulder to shoulder with the rest of our fam, whatever ‘fam’ might mean to you, even to our global family.

Imagine if our buildings lacked integrity. Our cars. Our computers and phones. The Internet is built on an incredible base of integrity, in hardware and software - else it wouldn’t function.

For starters, we must find integrity within ourselves and hold its truth as a constant in our lives. We do not deny our faults or our feelings. We look at ourselves as clearly as possible and take care of ourselves as best we can. With practice integrity becomes a given, and we find ourselves in a more peaceful place. With integrity we’re necessarily doing our best, and with this effort finding our true selves.

Sorely lacking in this corrupt culture is trust. Indeed, these days there is little trust for our political leaders. Even less for our corporate ones. And damn little for the media.

Integrity brings trust. Integrity brings truth. Integrity brings peace and love. It is one of the great failings of this culture that it does not appreciate the critical need for integrity. And so it must continue to fail.

World 5.0 holds integrity as a key principle, part of our foundation: peace, love, integrity, justice and balance. You see, it’s right in the middle where it needs to be. If you find your life lacking, integrity is a wonderful place to begin. And a lovely space to hold.

There is nothing more impeccable than Life itself, and "Life" includes all of us in this venture. It's call to us to be our best selves is constant.  And as we resonate with this recognition, we find peace and love. And with peace and love comes joy.