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Cincinnati’s Endorsed Council Candidates

The Hamilton County Democratic Party has listed its endorsed council candidates on its website. Not surprisingly, the list includes Wendell Young, David Mann, PG Sittenfeld, and Chris Seelbach – four incumbent Democrats.


The other five ‘officially approved’ Democratic candidates is where it gets a bit more interesting.


Greg Landsman

Greg Landsman has a focus on families and children. He was a driver of the ‘Preschool Promise’ initiative last year, which now provides funding to ensure our youngest and most vulnerable children get the nourishment and nurturing required to thrive later in life.


Lesley Jones

Leslie Jones is another long time activist who promises to  “work to increase citizen engagement, fight for racial and economic justice and address gun violence and drug use to make our neighborhoods safer.”


Michelle Dillingham

Michelle Dillingham has been tirelessly working on the toughest issues facing our city as a social worker and community organizer for over 20 years. Michelle is running for City Council to bring the same hands-on leadership to City Hall that she has proven throughout her career.


Ozie Davis

Ozie Davis is a lifelong Avondale resident and passionate community activist. What fuels Davis’ passion and commitment to progressive change in our community is his firm belief in A.R.T. – Authenticity, Respect, and Trust. A.R.T builds bridges. Bridges connect us even when elements separate us. A.R.T impacts our ability to work together, see the value in one another and that fosters unity. When your problem is my problem and we have to work together to form solutions, connectivity transpires.


Tamaya Dennard

Finally, Tamaya Dennard is PG Sittenfeld’s former Chief of Staff and currently works for the non-profit social innovation firm Design Impact. Before working with PG at City Hall, Tamaya gained 10 years of real estate experience and worked for Duke Energy. Tamaya truly understands all sides of Cincinnati and has the experience to bring innovation, accountability, and accessibility to City Hall.

Three notable progressive candidates that did not get the dem nod are Derek Bauman, a former Mason police officer who supports stronger neighborhoods and public transit like the streetcar; Kelli Prather, a local activist and community rights supporter;  and Brian Garry, another long time activist with a tilt toward ecology and sustainability.


Another oddity this year is that former councilperson Laure Quinlivan did not get the nod. In passing up a known name and established candidate, there must be something with Laure that wasn’t quite getting it for the HamCo dem officials.

Also, The Cincinnati Charter Committee has nominated five candidates. They include Derek Bauman, Temaya Dennard, Henry Frondorf, David Mann and Amy Murray. Dennard and Mann have the distinction of being endorsed by Charterites and Democrats.

Curiously, the Hamilton County Republican Party doesn’t list their candidates for 2017 at this point. They list Councilpersons Charlie Winburn and Amy Murray as Republicans on Council, but nothing on candidates. I didn’t see Mayor Cranley listed, so I guess they’re trying to keep his DINO credentials intact.

We’ll take a look at the school board and judicial races in an upcoming article.

ENGAGE: WHOMEVER YOU SUPPORT MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. Nationally, our political system is an unholy mess. It is the cities that will need to lead us into a new era of integrity and true progress, and we the people must engage to elect candidates that put people before corporate interests.