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Going Live with This Site

This is a little strange and a bit wild for me. Finally, it feels like this website is the last major piece to bringing the World5 culture into the world. (Okay so it could still take years.) We have the book, a number of videos and articles, and most importantly, the truth. is an ad-free, bullshit-free site, and we're just getting started. We'll build in more functionality as time goes on and money allows, but already we can learn what I'm learning about the nature of our reality and the totality of now. Already we can easily share ideas, links and videos.

It is my hope and intent that this site becomes part of the Great Uprising that's coming into being right now. Here in the states we have Bernie's Revolution, and just about everywhere on Earth there is great turmoil, and there are people rising up.

I hope you'll join the many of us who are already committed to a healthier planet and a culture where "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" are available to citizens across the Earth. Not a bad dream...