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The Return to Eternity

We are witnessing the rise of the feminine. I wrote earlier of the need to return to a balanced culture where both male and female natures are cherished. This glaring imbalance has followed us from our earliest days of the Agrarian Age. We see the horrific effects of this imbalance today in the rabid destruction of our people and planet by corporations and nation states that care only for power and control. The Masculine Energy is far out of control, to the point of destroying our very lives.

Author Valerie Tarico has expressed an interesting idea about the underlying belief codes that have been with us for these thousands of years. She notes that we are storytellers and listeners, and that some stories have prehistoric roots. Here’s the gist of it…

The Ancestral Story  

With God in his heaven and his appointed authorities in their appointed positions, all is well with the world. Hierarchy provides order and stability, and each of us has his or her place in the proper order of things. From the beginning, this has meant men over women over children, bosses or masters over workers, “chosen” bloodlines over others, powerful tribes and civilizations over weak, and humans over other animals. Creation is man’s for the taking because it was made for us, who were made in the image of God, though some more so than others. Heaven on earth is when everyone recognizes and lives properly in accordance with divinely-appointed roles and rules. Wealth and military victories accrue to the righteous.

This Ancestral Story is at the heart of the conservative mind set (as she points out), and has been the dominant theme for millennium. From these deep, deep roots we find ourselves in the wretched cultural position we are in today.

Early in this book, we presented a lesson: Life is two fundamental forces engaging to create the experience of living we so intimately know - Eternal Awareness and Energy. Yin and Yang. Female and Male. Peace and Love. Tao.  To witness and experience this balance of opposites is a great recognition.

With the emergence of World5 we finally, after all these eons, begin the return to an appreciation of the Sacred Feminine. An incorporation of feminine principles and ideals within ourselves. Letting go, forgiving, cooperating, being still - these are the essence of the finally re-emerging Feminine.

It is not metaphorical to describe our awakening as ‘A Return to Eternity’. We live within Eternity just as we do in time, and we may well be beginning to recognize This Truth with some clarity. The Totality of Now requires all of Eternity to be contained within it, and so it is. The past eaons, extending to the beginning of time, all exist Here Now. Futures near and distant, with the everflow of possibilities that we wind our way through through our choices - yep, all right Here.

One cannot wrap their head around this intellectually. One can only gain an experiential sense of This through quieting the mind and letting go of fear. Often I have tried, using my best words to tell friends of This Truth, but the drag of the old culture’s conditioning and the wounds we have suffered make it difficult to see what is. You can’t get to the experience of This Life staying in your thoughts.

Indeed, as we find our ground Here in Eternity, we recognize the never-ending, ever-ongoing nature of Life and our lives. We don’t need biological bodies to have essence. There is no fear. We need do nothing.

That said, I very much like breathing and this biological experience. Which means I will continue to breathe and hydrate and eat and work so that I can maintain this body. And I do not fear death as my awareness will continue even after my body fails.

With the recognition of our eternal nature, we have a greater sense of the true playing field we are held within.  Bodies and Earth experiences come and go. Death is no end, but a transition. Ever onward we go, always sliding through time, always Here in Eternity.