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From Corporations to Cooperatives

There’s really no need to expound on the state of our lives and our Earth in this time. The evidence is abundant and clear. We live under the rule of the global corporate state. Nation states, especially empires like the U.S., still play a large role, but the controllers are obviously the people behind global corporations, especially financial ones. We are not helpless and we can no longer tolerate this.

While stats like the relative wealth of the 1/10th of 1% compared to the rest of us can be eye opening, they do little to aid us in finding a remedy to this unconscionable situation. And these same elitists and psychopaths have no interest in the remedy.

We do not change something so substantial in isolation. We change everything. Starting with ourselves and our context about living. This Great Turning encompasses an evolutionary leap, a new way forward with a vastness we were previously unaware and incapable of.

Contrary to the old adage that ‘money is the root of all evil’, money is but a tool. At issue is the way money is managed, which is very poorly in the corporate state. These soulless institutions were designed to limit liability, and allow those behind corporations to profit unduly. By rights they should be illegal, as their intent is not the common good. It is the corporation, not money itself, that needs to be banned.

So it’s clear that corporations, since their ‘modern’ inception in 1600 where Queen Elizabeth first allowed the charter of East India Company, have sped the introduction of technology and fostered global trade. It’s equally clear that they’ve outlived whatever usefulness they may have had.

Western Europe’s centuries of colonialism were done at the behest of corporate interests, just as United States imperialism exists today to continue the dominant, controlling role corporations have in our world.

The obvious question becomes what about all the manufacturing, trade and services these corporations provide? Surely we can’t just disappear corporations!

No, we can’t. But we can, with political will, force their end by converting them to worker-owned cooperatives. How we muster such will when nation states and media are in lock step with these corporate behemoths is the real question.

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