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In Fearful Times

In times like these, it is easy to succumb to the darkness around us. The seeming endless struggle, the constant strife, war, illness, dark mood, and hopelessness so apparent in our culture today – it can leave one in pieces.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. There is another way of thinking, feeling, believing and being that the old culture will not recognize. It is a recognition many of us already know. It is the simple recognition of us all here together in Life.

This is our Home. Our place of rest. Our hope for constant contact with Life, and/or God or insert name here. In a culture utterly reliant on bullshit, understanding our common ground is vital.

The answer is always within. And it is always Here. The answer is awareness. While it may be confused with consciousness or intent, awareness does not rely on our recognition. Awareness Is. Eternally. As children of Awareness, such is our truth as well.

What need we fear if our condition is eternal, and we shed bodies as so many clothes or acts in a play. We are ever swimming through the constant flow of events, demarcating our eternal play.

Awareness has no need of words. Indeed, we too often use words to hide, our minds filled with chatter of little value. Of value beyond measure is our relationship, together, right Now among this incredible vastness of Awareness we call Life.

Even Now we are Awakening to the truth of ourselves and our lives together. Even Now we are recognizing the utter savagery and corruption of the elite controlled world we grew up in. Even Now we are finding Peace and Love. This eternal peace of Awareness. This constant energy of Love.

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