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Finding Our Ground

These are tumultuous times. Actually, this is fucking crazy. We’re in the wildest of times, as the inequality of an economic system that is controlled by a handful of elites who care nothing for humanity, us and our sisters and brothers, at all. They are ‘happy’ to ruin our lives and our Earth for their maniacal ends. But change, some call it revolution, is in the air. Most obviously recognized in the Sanders presidential campaign, we will not go quietly into the night any longer as the forces of a broken system try to continue their plunder. It is not to be. The simple reason it is not to be is that we are finding our ground. Together. Especially we see it among the young, millennials and those of us who may be much older, but share the ideals of integrity, justice, balance, peace and love. The seeds planted in the 1960s of peace, love, equality and environmentalism are reawakening with a vengeance. Not surprising since the times require it. With Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Fight for Fifteen and other social movements awakening in the last five years, we’re seeing a new wave of activism. Curiously, it was we boomers that generated that wave, it is now millennials, surpassing boomers as the largest age group, who hoist the banner. And leading this march is Bernie Sanders, emerging from nowhere to become a political force unmatched in a generation. We do not yet know whether this force can overcome a corrupt system, in its many forms. What we do know is that we are finding our ground. We will no longer succumb to ‘the lesser of two evils’. We will no longer allow ignorance and ideology to keep us apart. We will no longer sit passively when clearly the answer is rising up. World 5.0 is helping in this effort. Finding our ground includes knowing who and where we are, the reality of now. We clarify the power of our intent. And we focus on peace and love, that we may be happy. How this revolution moves forward is yet to be witnessed. But already we know it will not end with a convention or election. It will not end until fee people everywhere have a life of health, happiness, love and peace. Because of course they all work together.

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