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Forever We Are Here

The first truth is that reality is only now and we are all here together. In living our lives, it is a constant flow of events, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that impact us, but we are always Here.

The constancy of Now is our home, our grounding. This is a crucial understanding as we can then focus on how we want to be, and think, and feel and do, Now. The totality of Now is the singular fact of our existence together.

It is my sense that we go on forever, and at times look back on our time in bodies from a place of having had thousands of lives, perhaps an infinite number. We are in the vast cosmic playground of consciousness called Life.

The next question then entwines with the second truth. Knowing that we’re always Here in the unfailing Now, what is the power of our intent in effecting our experience of this Life?

But such a question veers from our topic. The truth is if we are infinite, God like, then we need not fear the end of biological existence, nor temporary issues, most of which are avoided when we hold the Eternal perspective.

Life is Tao _ the stillness of eternal peace | the constant flow of love. Here we are forever.

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