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The Gates of Delirium

(from the author) I wrote this just before the coronavirus became a threat in the west. At this point it’s just more delirium…

We find ourselves today with the likely choice of Joe Biden and Donald Trump as president at the end of 2020, both men seemingly getting a bit soft in the head. This when the world is in chaos and climate chaos is taking a daily toll, along with our many other ills. We are at the gates of a delirious world.

Anyone of clear mind and warm heart knows the vast extent of our woes and the massive effort needed to transform our lives and save our planet. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both less than idea candidates to lead this effort.

While Joe is clearly the better choice, he would need a hellofa vice president, as Joe doesn’t seem as ‘with it’ as one would like. His memory is not what it was. His debate skills fail him. His record is not progressive, and the dem elites would rather have four more years of Trump than an actual revolution against moneyed interests.

Which leaves Bernie Sanders as the only alternative. Bernie has his flaws. I can see a hundred ways in which he could soften his attitude without softening his positions on issues. But he remains our best option and the leader of our revolution.

We who see some glimmer of truth in this broken culture understand that a revolution that takes us from a money driven, hateful, sick, elitist family owned corporate culture to a world of peace and love is not easy. In truth, we know it cannot happen until enough of us realize who and where we are and stand up against the corruption and the old system.

That we must rise up is a premise of World 5.0. We must rise up. This year of 2020 is crucial. This is a magical time. We have suffered under the thumb of kings, dictators, elites and monsters for long enough. Electing Bernie Sanders could have a great impact in moving us forward. Yet, our movement does not die with Bernie or anyone else. As the French poet Victor Hugo noted, ‘You can’t kill an idea whose time has come.’

The time for World5 is now. We already stand together here in Life. This tiny place in time where the future becomes the past. Our intent is the tool that powers our experience. And only love makes us happy. These are the three truths of World 5.0, and they lead us into our new reality – the recognition, realization, in your bones awareness that we are all here together in life.

We have some time on the event horizon to make Bernie our president. But you don’t help with our task on the couch watching the tv.. Right now the great need is for us to rise up.

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