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The Greatest Truth of All

In the confused, corrupt and dysfunctional culture we live in, it’s difficult to know anything as ‘true’. This general confusion is of course intentional, with the global elites [overlords] using their power to keep us impotent and frankly, stupid.

Still, even the global elites cannot keep from us the greatest truth of all. It is easily discerned once we open ourselves to its truth. It is the central fact of our existence. It is the singular truth with the power to awaken us and help us survive, and even thrive, in a broken system.

So enough of the tease. If you haven’t guessed, the greatest truth of all is our shared existence in Life – sweet Life, which exists only Now, and yet somehow continues eternally.

Indeed, we are all Here, Now, and we are Here Now forever. Indeed, we are capable of being nowhere else, because there is nowhere else. As the old adage goes, “Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow never comes.” Indeed, even beyond our biological death we continue in this parade forever.

How is something so clear and so obvious so lost in these times? The simple answer is that it has served the interests of Empire to keep us disempowered, as mentioned above.

The way forward? It starts with the clear recognition of where we are. Regardless of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, we remain here. Together.

With this as the case, what matters is what we think, feel and believe right now. What do we want to hold in our minds? In our hearts? What beliefs do we hold that do not stand up to this new light? Religious beliefs, tribal beliefs, personal beliefs that we refuse to examine, as we did not understand the ground [LIFE] on which we stand.

Our Earth hurls through space, nurtured by the Sun, with some 8 billion humans and innumerable others all riding her. In our broken world, she suffers, even as we do. The way to a better place begins with the simple recognition of our life together – Now.

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