Trump and Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Doesn’t Matter

While corporate media spent endless hours on the pending vote to make Brett Kavanaugh a Supreme Court judge, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans had this thing rigged from the start. No way his accusers of sexual misconduct were going to be truly heard at his ‘hearing’.

This circus is what we get from corporate media and corporate-owned politicians. It will not get any better until we, the people wrestle power from them starting this November.

Still, those of us who resist this obvious corruption recognize it is not the win Republicans imagine.

They see a thirty year hyper conservative Supreme Court that will bestow their 1% owners all they could ever want. We see a corrupt and broken system that won’t make it five years.

And while the corrupt politics of the past seem to have led us into apathy, that is surely no longer the case. The protests during his ‘hearing’ indicate we’re not going to take this crap lying down. Such abuse of power needs to be thwarted, and  we do that by voting the bastards out.

Kavanaugh is surprisingly unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice. His sordid youth can be ignored, but not forgotten. It was clearly the life of an elitist, spoiled young man. Equally important, his decisions since then have been highly suspect, as demonstrated by thousand of pages of his work that were redacted, even from congress.

On top of all that we add his outbursts and displays from his testimony last week, and we get a clear picture of who the man is – which is why the Republicans were so desperate to seat him.

Do not mistake my title. Brett Kavanaugh will do damage as a Supreme Court Justice. But this court has already proven itself compromised. These folks have allowed voting irregularities, allowed unlimited corporate donations via Citizens United, removed the 1,000 year standing of Habeas Corpus with the Military Commissions Law of 2006 (even though Habeas Corpus is enshrined in our constitution). The court didn’t challenge Bush’s law. Maybe because they installed him as president in 2000, in spite of Gore having more votes. Victories for corporations instead of citizens has been a steady pattern in recent decades.

Oh yea. And the Supreme Court was suspiciously quiet for those 10 months when the Republicans held up President Obama’s nominee of Mr. Derrick Garland. Our court and our democracy was compromised long before Kavanaugh.

So they lied and cheated, as is their way, and won this farce of a battle. They hold all the levers of power. But do not think there will be no consequences. We are rising up. Among women the Democrats have a 30 point advantage, the largest disparity in history. Men favor Republicans by a mere 8 points.

Trump and the Republicans pretend they see a red wave coming, the Kavanaugh placement kick-starting their misguided base. We see differently and this year, we start taking our country back.

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