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No More Bombs

An ugly week, with the pipe bomber targeting Donald Trump critics with 13 bombs, a Louisville shooter who gunned down two black forks at a supermarket and the ugliness in Pittsburgh against Jews with 11 dead. Donald Trump only takes credit, never blame, though his influence is hardly deniable at this point.

Each of the three instigators of this week’s violence were angry white nationalists, killing people who are not from the same ‘tribe’ as they were. In truth there is only one viable ‘tribe’ these days. It’s called the human race.

We live in a culture of violence. From our wars in the Middle East and beyond, our police and family violence here in the states, movies, TV and video games. We live in a culture of violence. I could go on and on but we already know.

What troubles me the most about this fact is a secondary fact, that we feel powerless to do anything about it. We feel the world is what it is, and from our individual little perches, there’s nothing we can do. Not true.

Most importantly, we can train ourselves to ensure we don’t purvey violence in any form, unlike our current president. We can make sure we do not speak or act or even think with violence as a factor. Initiating violence is always an act of fear, or it’s more hardened condition, hate.

Indeed, we can learn to meditate and master our intent, making if difficult to move us from a place of peace and love. This allows us to navigate the chaos of these times with the greatest equanimity possible. More and more of us are recognizing the power of our intent and the value of integrity, peace and love.

Okay, here in World 5.0 we’re all peace and love but this shit is still all screwed up. Like, seriously screwed up. What steps can we take? 

For starters we can support the right stuff. Groups like World Beyond War and dozens of others are working on peace initiatives right now. Black Lives Matter, #metoo, March for Our Lives – these are just a few recent entries adding to the vision and energy of No More Bombs. 

We can engage in local efforts to stop violence. Rape support, police brutality watchdog groups, kids groups that support peace and education. There is a satisfaction to helping build our communities that you won’t hear about on the tv.

We can get political – pretty good time to consider such a thing when the dynamics are so ugly and brittle. From our local elected officials to groups like Indivisible and Our Revolution, we can work for change in this arena where corruption and undue corporate influence reign.

Finally, we can enable a new culture, a new Earth, where the World 5.0 mindset holds. Principles like peace, love, integrity, justice and balance can be keys to enabling a new way forward. Through the World5 Platform areas like renewable energy, organic food and learning can become priorities and areas of engagement.

And most of all we understand that we are all here together, and that we need a massive systemic overhaul to stop the madness so ingrained in our political system.

We will find no unity from President Trump and a corrupt congress. But we can find unity, and strength, among ourselves with the transformative power of creating a world with No More Bombs.

Oh yea, next Tuesday is a big deal. Be sure to vote.


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