Tantric sex with light and dark.

As Our Earth Turns

It’s hard to imagine that there have been times in our civilization’s past where our culture teeters on the edge of an abyss as it does now. We’ve had plenty of horrible experiences in our past, but none has been on the global scale of what we find today. Our history is a litany of corruption and abuse, and according to corporate media sources, there is no end in sight.

Fortunately for some of us, we do not choose to see through the lens of corporate media or corrupt political systems such as we have in the US today. We see from where each of us are, metaphorically and physically. The play of light, our breathing bodies, those around us, fissures in the corrupt old system, plants and trees taking root where the old system has failed. The light within all of us.

As impeachment frenzy holds the attention of corporate media, a million changes are taking place of which corporate media knows nothing.

Folks are waking up to the heavy dose of bullshit we’ve been fed over the course of our lives, and especially more recently, as our controllers see their grip failing. Life is not what we were taught growing up. People are rejecting old religions and political parties, seeking a new way forward. We’re learning that our happiness is not an effect of someone’s attention or a bunch of money, but a place we find within ourselves where, once found, we choose not to leave.

Protests and civil unrest is occurring on an unprecedented scale. Across our planet, from Hong Kong to Brazil folks are rising up against new and long-standing abuses. We are protesting everything about the old system. Authoritarian leaders like Trump and Boris Johnson (along with numerous dictators) are finding that the same bullying tactics that have worked for generations are no longer working. While they have their cultish followers, most of us see them for what they are.

Of course the great learning of our time is that we are not isolated and alone. Life exists only Now, and hence we are necessarily All Here Together. The totality of Now is central to our experience. One hopes science with soon make this obvious reality the explicit First Truth.

As Mother Earth continues to turn, showing herself to Father Sun while half a planet away resting from his light, there is much more that our controllers do not see or understand. We do not live in a Universe where only humans have some level of self awareness. Indeed, while unprovable by today’s science, the vast energies and entities surrounding our planet at this time is staggering.

The controllers have held us at bay with fear and lies for generations. Yet these days we see through such fog more clearly, and we choose to let go of fear that we may better enjoy biological life.

Indeed, the communication and communion between Sun and Earth is barely understood. If we are capable of holding the consciousness that we do in these small human bodies, imagine the level of consciousness held by this magnificent planet and glorious star. Would you not imagine that both know very well what is taking place in our civilization and are engaged in purging from us the abusers that have held us down for centuries?

I do. And I see the mantle of fear lifting, and without their tool of fear, ‘they’ cannot control us. Nor are we content to go along with past times that have held us from experiencing our true selves. 2022 has been a crazy year. Birthing a new culture is a bit chaotic.

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