Peace and Joy by Daniel B. Holeman
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From Peace Comes Joy

Sadly, among the innumerable failure and deceits of the current culture, one of the largest omissions is the recognition that from peace comes joy. The propaganda, religiosity, and belief codes we’ve faced from a corrupt system have left us traumatized. We do not think clearly. Donald Trump is Exhibit A. Hillary is exhibit B. And yet as the Three Truths describes, our intent is our most powerful tool in interpreting reality and in making decisions that reflect our true selves. So it is ever our decision right now that allows for a sense of peace. An appreciation that we are all here together, and as individuals exactly where life would have us. And so with each thought, with emotion, with each belief code we study within ourselves seeking to understand who we are and how to be happy, we have now the context of Eternity to understand our place. We are Life. We are Union. And we are a whole bunch of freaks each doing our own thing and trying to find ourselves and each other as best we can. Well, now we can. We have the truth. We have the name. With the Bern Movement, we have a base of folks already together to move our selves forward. But regardless, even should we find Clinton or Trump in the White House, our recognition transcends politics. Our peace is grounded in the clear awareness that we are always here. And so, as biological beings with self awareness living in Eternity, why would we not be peaceful? We would and we do. Some might think ‘oh how boring’, but there’s nothing further from the truth. With peace we find Life’s ongoing and constant enchantment. We find this act of being and living a biological life a gift. We find the magic of Life everywhere, which is again but truth. All good. Yet none of the above addresses what may well be the greatest benefit of peace – joy. True joy is boundless, a great stirring in the heart where we trust fully and completely. We know where we are, and it is exactly where Life intends. We know even with the horrific state of our corrupt culture that a great healing is beginning. We know we are all here together, on the great adventure of transforming our Earth. Why would we choose anything else?

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