The World 5.0 Platform is the cornerstone of our efforts to transform our Earth. These five topic areas are crucial to our lives and the quality of our lives. They provide a context for moving forward into our Great Transformation. Indeed, there are already Revolutions of Love taking place in all five content areas – Peace, Governance, Localism, Organic Food and Learning. Wonderful ways to engage…


Peace is who we are at our core, the great gift of Life once we grasp our eternal nature. These bodies are not who we are, they are but the clothing we were in this experience of Earth reality at this time. As consciousness, as beings of awareness, we are eternal. And as eternal entities, there can be nothing to fear.

Of course such high-minded thinking and feeling does not relieve us of the struggles and challenges of life on Planet Earth. This ‘Earth-plane’ is such that our bodies require regular care, and no less our emotions and spirit selves require care. In this war-torn, corrupt, World4 culture, the challenges are great indeed.

It can be mind-boggling when we consider all of the hate, conflict, depression, confusion and worse that is occurring right now on our planet. So many places with so many people in such suffering. How can we be peaceful in the face of this? How can we know peace when so many sisters and brothers are being traumatized, mutilated or killed even now? How can we know peace while our planet approaches a critical point where it may no longer be habitable for humans?

All these horrific distortions is what we are here to heal. If you’re reading this you’re among the stewards of the New Earth, those of us who appreciate that we can’t heal trauma by being traumatized ourselves. We can’t offer peace to others if we can’t find it within. We can’t know peace except through the great forgiving and letting go processes that dismantle fear.

And so it is that Peace is central to World 5.0, and the first plank of our platform. As we learn, heal and find each other, we will inevitably take down the ‘military/media/industrial complex’. More importantly, we will find ourselves enchanted with this amazing adventure where Awareness and Energy co-mingle. The Tao of Life.


The role of government is simple in concept – it is the arbiter between community and commercial interests. Regardless of scale or complexity, balancing these two great priorities are what is required.

Sadly, in our broken culture community interests are completely subjugated to commercial interests. This should not be construed as a recent phenomenon.

In our long history, money has been the driver. Elitist and commercial interests have controlled the culture for a couple of millennium now, and it’s difficult to see how that will change, if one is stuck in the World4 paradigm. From the World5 perspective we see the consistent failure of government, especially the nation-state system we live under, as but prelude to a highly decentralized yet global system of governance that is soon to emerge. This area of focus will help us to create governing systems where true balance exists between community and corporate interests.

Democracy seems like a good idea, offered by Greek philosophers over 2,000 years ago. The notion of the separation of powers, with executive, legislative and judicial seems wise as well. When it comes to our corrupt two party system, there is no overriding wisdom to lean on. One of our Great Tasks is to delegitimize and replace Neocon and Neoliberal agendas (just think of establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats). Their goals are not our own, and don’t let folks like Clinton or Trump convince you otherwise.

Of course at the core of the problem is, same as it ever was, elitism. Call it plutocracy, oligarchy, or even kleptocracy, behind the words is the same recognition. Over the last 40 years our rights and prosperity have come under attack from powerful forces who want nothing for us and everything for themselves. We Occupiers call them the 1%. 

The old system cannot continue. It is imploding of its own corruption. As part of our Great Task we must create systems of democracy that are transparent and trustworthy. We must reinvent government. A system of governance that is impeccable in its intent to serve human need and to allow for all citizens of the Earth to enjoy “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”


Biological life is necessarily local. Which is why ‘Think Globally, Act Locally” makes so much sense…

It is through localism that we take back our lives, stolen from us by soulless corporations and corrupt governments that care little for citizen health and happiness. It is localism that connects us to our neighborhoods and communities. It is localism that provides the antidote to globalism, the system designed for corporate profits and not human health.

Within the World5 Platform, The plank of localism is crucial. By building a local economy that strives to source and sell it’s goods and services locally we strengthen our local economies. Because they are our most common needs beyond air and water, food and energy must be at the top of the localism effort. Not far behind can be a host of products and services that are not a part of the Walmart World. Localism provides a far more healthy and entertaining alternative.

Let’s recognize that localism was necessarily the way the world worked until the fairly recent inventions of cars, trains and airplanes. It was the exploitation of resources and labor, the greed and control of the corporation that allowed our present day circumstances to come to exist.

Globalism and corporatism are the same. These is no inherent value, and tremendous damage, that results from globalism. We must take back our local communities, and force corporations to make reparations. Globalism is leading to our planet’s doom.

Imagine the incredible potential of localism to heal our lives. Keeping and growing resources in our communities, vibrant local businesses as we once had, connecting over food, drinks and projects in every neighborhood. Consider how our social interactions would increase and community health would blossom. 

It is clear that in this moment of revolution, there is no more revolutionary act than to resist the global cartel by going local, in every way we possibly can. It would be wise to reinvent our communities by recognizing and developing local energy and food resources, as these are what we consume most.

Organic Food

After air and water, food is our most essential need. It is sacred. It is life. And yet in the World4 culture is is just another profit driven commodity.

It is, in a sense, redundant to speak of organic food, since this was the only food we consumed for eons. It has only been since after World War II, when industrialists with the new found technologies of chemical weapons chose to repurpose those chemical weapons toward our food system. Presumably their mantra was, “Hey if it’ll kill people – it’ll kill bugs too!”

Things have ‘progressed logically’ until today we have a heavily industrialized food system where plants are manipulated to withstand horrific chemicals, and where animals and humans engaged in the system are treated brutally. Monsanto, DuPont, ADM – they will happily poison us and our Earth for a few dollars more. This must end.

The alternative is nothing new. It’s the way food has been grown for eons, until the agribiz model came into play. Their devastation is beyond measure, from soil loss to pollution and frankenfoods. Profit is a terrible priority when it comes to food.

Funny thing about food. It’s living stuff. Everything we eat is or used to be alive. And we eat to stay alive and maintain our health, so it is evident that the closer we are to eating food that is ‘alive’, the better for our bodies and our overall well-being.

As if all this was not reason enough, there are subtleties of energy involved with eating and digestion. When we eat crap we not only damage our bodies, we upset the balance in our energetic spheres. This effects our happiness. When we eat meat especially, we have to acknowledge the life we’ve taken to get the most benefit from what we’ve eaten.

Growing organic food is another way to shift away from the World4 paradigm. Along with the wonder of growing food and watching it grow, we find that this ‘slow food’ also impacts our happiness. The process of getting our hands into soil, to being outside, to working in tandem with nature – these are incomprehensible to those locked in the old framework. But to us, it’s pure joy.


Learning is the quintessential endeavor of Life. It is learning that teaches plants, insects and animals to do as they/we do. It is through learning that we have elevated ourselves over the eons, and it is through learning that we’ve become able to manipulate our surroundings and our planet.

Unfortunately, learning is not prized by those who oppress us. An educated public is far less likely to put up with the bullshit so rampant in our culture than the public we have today – disinterested, disengaged, discouraged, and yes, just generally dissed. Also unfortunately, we know that this condition will not be relieved without our conscious effort to change it. The elites and politicians who maintain power through our general ignorance have no interest in seeing that ignorance disappear. But we do…

Indeed, we seek far more. We understand learning to be the merging of personal consciousness with Eternal Awareness, for at our core we are This Life. This conjoining of personal consciousness with Eternal Awareness has vast benefits for us as we journey through biological life, as it offers us the opportunity to find enchantment, and hence joy.

Obviously there are very pragmatic reasons for learning as well. How to grow food, build things, fix things, create music and art – learning is key. And there is also a sort of learning that takes place through disciplines like yoga, in which the body, mind and heart all learn to resonate more clearly with all that is.

As we find our ground we’ll have cogent political and community information that can help us create the systems of government where integrity and transparency are, not only the desire of we the people, but also the law of the land. That includes fixing our damn schools.

The World Five Platform Video…


None of these Platform ideas exist in isolation. They all work tremendously well together to help us establish priorities and strategies. They also work together to help us imagine our world as a wonderful place where happiness reigns and our Earth thrives.

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