At the end of all things, the Rainbow Tribe emerges...
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Rise of the Rainbow Tribe

We are emerging. We are finding our power. We are finding each other. We are Warriors of the Rainbow Tribe.

You of elitist tendencies cannot see us. You born into wealth and privilege cannot imagine us. You of the current power structure underestimate us. But we are Here, and we are emerging.

We are Warriors of the Rainbow. You saw us in Zuccotti Park, resisting the banksters that seek to impoverish our sisters and brothers. You saw us in Tunisia, where a brother set himself aflame in protest of corruption, awakening our people to form a new government. You saw us in Libya and Egypt, where you thwarted our efforts to create real change – if temporarily.

You saw us in Ferguson, Missouri, resisting the cold blooded murder of our brother Michael Brown finally igniting the reaction so desperately needed to stop these racially motivated murders. In Cleveland, in Chicago, LA, even my Cincinnati, all over this nation we rise to salute the fallen, and resist the blue boys and their masters, the perpetrators of this violence.

You saw us in Hong Kong, rising up against totalitarianism from the Chinese government, and in Tibet, where you illegally planted your flag over 50 years ago. You saw us in the Middle East, the unnamed peacemakers and healers hidden by mainstream media. You begin to see us even now.

And as Trump becomes the law of the land, you begin to see us everywhere. Just a few weeks back the largest protest in our planet’s history, as millions of women and supporting men stood for truth and justice. And again, as Muslims are being dishonored here in Trumpland, we stand, filling airports and neighborhoods with love and resistance to their bullshit power and greed. Our ‘leaders’ are even afraid to hold a town hall.

We are Warriors of the Rainbow.

We seek the dissolution of a culture where corporations are in control, and nation states do their bidding to keep us dazed and traumatized. This artificial legal entity ‘corporation’ – designed to usurp citizen’s rights and community strengths – must be banned.

We seek a dissolution of this system of globalization, where profits are privatized and deep environmental devastation is socialized, rarely addressed by the corporate polluters. 

We seek a dissolution of the ‘for profit healthcare’ system. When it comes to human life and health, the profit motive does not belong.

We seek a dissolution of our broken government. The allowance of voting, almost always somehow rigged, is not enough. We seek a shift in power and taxation to the local level, as far as possible, to enhance the value and focus of how our tax money is spent.

We are Warriors of the Rainbow, and we seek far more than dissolving obstacles.

We seek families and communities that thrive, where each has their needs met, each contributes what they can, and each appreciates the inherent values of integrity, peace and love. This means a clear rejection of Trumpism and the war paradigm at every turn.

We seek reparations from the elites and controlling interests who have kept us traumatized,  ignorant and enslaved. These reparations will be used to heal individuals, communities and our dear planet Earth, so long ravaged by the psychopathic thinking of these same controlling interests. Black and American Indian folks are especially deserving.

We seek wholesome, organic food that supports our bodies and unclutters our minds. To heal we must have vibrant, life-supporting nutrition and ecologies free from harmful pollutants. This migration to organic food necessarily dissolves the industrial agribiz model in favor of an Earth-supporting way of growing our food.

We seek local, sustainable solutions to our energy needs, rejecting fossil fuels at every turn. Solar and wind power, geothermal, tapping into untold power visionaries like Tesla could see – this is our energetic way forward, not in propping up fossil fuels.

We are Warriors of the Rainbow, and we see clearly now. We know we are all here together – here in Life itself. We know that our hope for peace and prosperity comes from creating and building supportive communities. We value integrity and personal responsibility. We know that relinquishing fear, enabling love and peace, in our hearts  and minds, is the way forward.


We are the Rainbow Tribe. Our time is Now. Our answer is Love.

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