World 5.0 provides, quite simply, the truth
to who and where we are –
self-conscious, biological entities
with Awareness at our core. Here at the same time with everyone else, animals, plants, microbes and galaxies. We live, always, Here in Eternity, even as we move through time.
The time is always Now. Our answer is always Love.

We humans have been struggling to find our way for generations, thwarted by elites, nation-states and corporate greed. Globalism has made it worse. In this time we see the old world crumbling before our eyes as our lives become poorer and our dear Earth becomes broken. Now we finally have a guidebook.

“World 5.0 is the brighter future we dream of and Jim has
eloquently stepped us through time to show how we got here
and how we can move forward.”

– Ryan Doan, Urban Farmer, entrepreneur

We must rise up. There is no other solution to the massive issues of our time. The nefarious politicians and elites do not care for us. We must take the lead in creating our new, far happier and healthier world.

Our lives are under stress, and for many of us the pain of living has been overwhelming. Our corrupt politics are the logical extension of legislators and policies that are controlled by global corporations who care nothing for us. Permanent war, polluted air and water, GMO-laden foods, fossil fuel extraction, climate disruption and our shitty health – these are clear indicators of a broken culture, and a corporate agenda that does not include us.

The old culture was built for profit, not health. The dysfunctional world we grew up in keeps taking its toll on our prosperity and our rights. Keeps trying to drag us down into a pit of hopelessness. But now it’s crumbling under the weight of its own corruption.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can leave the old world behind. World 5.0 offers this truth of who (self aware biologicals) and where we are (in the totality of Now). We can recognize ourselves and our world in a refreshing new context – that of Life Itself.

Knowing that we are all Here together in time, we have a new hope. We have a new context that holds truth. We have options and potential hardly imaginable in the ugly world we were taught. The real world is way different, and words don’t get you Here.

Take hold this new understanding. Be Here with us with your intent, your vibration. Hold integrity. Engage. Contribute how Life leads you. We are undertaking a transformation unlike anything we’ve known. One from corruption and destruction to love and peace.

Imagine us becoming deeply attuned to Mother Earth and Father Sun. (Because the only thing stopping THIS awareness within is our lack of awareness.)

This book is the instruction manual for a new operating system for our culture that we can use to change the world. It’s time for a fundamental cultural shift—one of self-empowering, radical change through which we heal ourselves and our earth, and find the true happiness of Love.