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The Story of World 5.0 – Jim Prues

So it was August 8th, 2004 when, while walking my wolf-dog, I stopped in my tracks. World 5.0 had just popped into my head. World 5.0, I said to myself again. Wow. World 5.0. I had no idea what it meant but I knew it was a powerful idea. After 20 seconds or so, I started walking again.

A couple of years later I understood this idea well enough to put a quirky little video together, “Transmission One” which is still a favorite. Around the same time I published the first iteration of the World5.org website, a glimpse of which shows up in Transmission One.

In 2007 I began researching and outlining for a book on the topic. I was amazed at so many things coming together. Four previous cultures – Hunter/Gatherer, Agrarian, Medieval and Industrial. And each connected to emerging technologies of the day. Our primate ancestry coming from bonobos, not chimpanzees. So many ills of our culture are the result of the establishment of ‘The Corporation’, a very bad idea instituted by the British Monarchy in the 10th century.

And so it was that in 2011 I published the first iteration of the book, World 5.0 – Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together. We held an event at Fountain Square in Cincinnati on the Autumnal Equinox to commemorate the release, 11 years ago from the time of this writing.

And along the way a few more videos, the most important being ‘The Declaration of World 5.0’. Indeed, the book is prefaced with the same copy as the video. Other vintage vids are listed at the bottom of the home page at World5.org.

In 2017, with Donald Trump as president, I deemed a new edition of the book would be useful, and so I went to work on a new chapter. This new chapter made clear that Life is not what we were taught growing up, and that the character flaws that allow a Donald Trump presidency (his and ours) need to be healed for a healthy culture to exist.

And so during the Fall Equinox of 2018 I published the second edition of the book, this time entitled “World 5.0 – We Move From Here”, intending to make the Totality of Now clear by the subtitle. Ok, so I’m not sure that worked for the average person. Might be more confusing than anything as we’re so caught up in a corrupt consumer culture. You can download the book via the link.

I remember reminding myself that I could now rest, knowing I’d done my best with this book and being quite aware that the emergence of World 5.0 into popular culture was far beyond anything I might do. Besides, if I tried to force things I’d probably do more harm than good. Knowing we’re all Here in Life together allows a tremendous amount of trust as each moment passes.

Finally, I got notice early this year that for technical reasons World5.org needed to be migrated. I chose this opportunity to rebuild the site completely, and I feel like for the first time World 5.0 has a home on this InterWeb we’re constantly connecting with. I note that this InterWeb is the enabling technology of World 5.0.

Along the way I have found this journey one from fear into Love. The learning of “A Course in Miracles” started in my thirties, was key. Fear is the mind killer. We live in eternity. Bodies come and go.. So much living.

The real decision, always, is how we want to spend our time, and how we deal with the inevitable drama of this human biological experience. How we throw off the chains of the old world, and live and love now.How we use our intent.

Now I’m again feeling like ‘my work here is finished’. With the book and this new website anyone with an interest can glean the essence of this incredible idea rather easily, and step forward into their journey of healing and into their true self. I plant seeds and nurture as I’m led/inclined, but I now see my work as primarily holding this space of Peace and Love, this Totality of NowLife that we all share. Not a bad place to be… 🙂

And so now we have the tools to guide us into Life and Love, into World 5.0. How World5 emerges into public space and impacts our cultural transformation I cannot say. Yet it is coming. The old, industrial, corrupt, broke-ass system we grew up in no longer holds. The New Age of Earth Citizens is upon us. We live NowLife.

For me, I’m locked into who and where we are, and through many journeys, well know this Totality of Now. ‘There is no fear, I need do nothing.’ Such is my mantra. Life is our home. We’re always one.

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