The First First Monday

We’ll be gathering at DeSales Corner on July 1st at 7pm!

First Monday is a new effort to help enable our new cultural operating system, World 5.0. Because we’re grounded in World5, we have the context of Life Itself as our foundation.

We recognize that all of our issues are connected, and need to be addressed holistically. By bringing activists, organizers and engaged citizens together on a monthly basis, we can support each others’ projects, create our own projects, and determine resources and timelines for moving a project forward.

Resist Trumpland, Create Our Future Now

A planet ruled by corporations enabled by nation states no longer serves us, and can no longer be tolerated. In the early days of Donald Trump, President, we are seeing a rising up as hasn't been seen since the 1960s. It started here with Occupy, and recently the Womens' March held unprecedented numbers.

Politicians are being hounded. Trump's executive orders are being slapped down, and his cabinet picks finding deep seated resistance. We are learning we are not helpless. We are also learning that to avoid the disasterous and unending effects of a corrupt system, we must resist.

Community Policing 101

Older folks will remember the Andy Griffith Show, where the Mayberry law enforcement team of Andy Griffith and Barney Fife maintained security through community policing. Okay it was TV, with a context of generally happy, middle class white folk living in small town America. But the idea was good.

It's still good. And it's an idea much needed at this time. We don't really need to review the symptoms. Folks, especially of color, are being gunned down left and right. We need to find answers. We need systemic change.

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