Of course such high-minded thinking and feeling does not relieve us of the struggles and challenges of life on Planet Earth. This ‘Earth-plane’ is such that our bodies require regular care, and no less our emotions and spirit selves require care. In this war-torn, corrupt, World4 culture, the challenges are great indeed.

The Three Truths

World4 has an underlying axiom that time is a continuum, with past, present and future as the three components, all having similar validity in our lives. But this is blatantly false. Our experience of reality points in different direction. Our experience suggests that we live in This Moment, a place in time we cannot leave [care to try?].

Become a Creator

We all create and we all destroy, which is to say we all consume at some level. Our intent is that the former has more impact than the latter. And so our focus is on creation, in keeping with Life. 

Becoming a creator means that you can add content, create and join projects and more effectively engage with us. You're also welcome to contribute financially. Our new system is not about the money, but cash is still quite the lubricant.

In Fearful Times

In times like these, it is easy to succumb to the darkness around us. The seeming endless struggle, the constant strife, war, illness, dark mood, and hopelessness so apparent in our culture today - it can leave one in pieces.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. There is another way of thinking, feeling, believing and being that the old culture will not recognize. It is a recognition many of us already know. It is the simple recognition of us all here together in Life.

The Greatest Truth of All

In the confused, corrupt and dysfunctional culture we live in, it's difficult to know anything as 'true'. This general confusion is of course intentional, with the global elites [overlords] using their power to keep us impotent and frankly, stupid.

Still, even the global elites cannot keep from us the greatest truth of all. It is easily discerned once we open ourselves to its truth. It is the central fact of our existence. It is the singular truth with the power to awaken us and help us survive, and even thrive, in a broken system.

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