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World 5.0 provides, quite simply, the truth to who and where we are - self-conscious, biological entities with Awareness at our core. Just like everything. Grounded Here in Life, we see that the past is forever gone, and tomorrow never comes. The only reality is Now. We explore the power of our intent, a useful tool in these times. And we make the bold claim that 'Only Love Makes Us Happy'.

The Trouble With Occupy

The Occupy Movement is inspiring to many of us who have long awaited a new dynamic into our dysfunctional political system. It is a powerful cultural force, engaging citizen activists to promote substantive change to an unfair system. It has already reshaped political conversations with its focus on the corporate elitism and government collusion that has led to a system that profits the 1%. The Occupy Movement has also shown us that we don’t need to be perfectly organized or to have perfect messaging to have an effect.

A Spring that Can't Wait

As the corruption in our system continues unabated and the interminable Republican Primary Season continues its buffoonery of ‘solutions’ for our failing state, there is some highly unusual behavior taking place independent of either. It’s the behavior of the weather for most of the country, an unprecedented string of warm days even before Spring officially began.

An Occupier for Congress

Our federal government has now clearly established itself as an enabler for corporate special interests instead of being the champion of we, the people and the common good. All three branches collude in eroding our civil rights, creating laws and policies which benefit the very rich at our expense. Our situation becomes less tolerable each day. We need a new way forward.


We are inherently and totally connected, Here in Life. There is no other reality. As such, it behooves us to take part in and encourage further connection.

This site is intended to help us in our efforts to connect. You can create a World 5.0 profile, connect with facebook, twitter and other social media, and find folks of similar interests or the same communities as yourself.


Our true a world built from the bottom up by competent citizens living in solid communities, engaged in and by their places. - David W. Orr

Communities are the lifeblood of human existence. 'No man is an island', and we do well to hold this context. Sadly, our communities have been abused and destroyed by the usual suspects. This must change.


After air and water, food is our most essential need. It is sacred. It is life. And yet in the World4 culture is is just another profit driven commodity.

It is, in a sense, redundant to speak of organic food, since this was the only food we consumed for eons. It has only been since after World War II, when industrialists with the new found technologies of chemical weapons chose to repurpose those chemical weapons toward our food system. Presumably their mantra was, “Hey if it’ll kill - it’ll kill bugs too!”

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