The Simplest Test for Global Warming

<p><a href="">James Lovelock</a> is a scientist who's come up with some remarkable stuff. Perhaps is most pragmatic invention was the technology that led to the development of microwave ovens. Perhaps his most powerful idea was his idea of <a href="">Gaia Theory</a> way back in the 1970s suggesting that the Earth has ways of restablizing when under duress.

The Debacle of U.S. Healthcare

<p>Well, gee, that was easy. Not.</p> <p>Our 'leaders' spent over a year shoveling a big piece of crap together that's supposed to bring dramatic improvement to our healthcare system. Pardon my suspicion, I haven't read it, but I'm still convinced it's a big turd. Why? Because the profit motive has no place in maintaining and augmenting human health. Jesus made the comment that 'no man can serve two masters', and these companies, literally a cartel, are uninterested in making us, the citizens of the United States, their master.</p>

Welcome to World 5.0

<p>Welcome to World 5.0</p>

<p>And welcome to my blog on my favorite idea. This first entry is to intended to help you get your head and heart wrapped around this crazy notion of World 5.0 - that this moment is all that exists, and that the most valuable and entertaining way to spend it is in Love.</p>

A Culture of Bullshit

<p>The inimitable George Carlin, in one of his last stand-up routines, had the theme, "It's bullshit, and it's bad for you." So true in our world today. The bullshit and the bad. The source of both is the money. You can always follow the money. And where does the money lead?

A New Beginning | World 5.0

<p>Greetings Friends and Citizens,</p> <p>This is a time of awakening. Something new is in the air. To quote songwriter Joni Mitchell, “Maybe it's the time of year, or maybe it's the time of man...” I'll go with the latter, in spite of the deficiencies in using the word 'man' when one means 'humans.' </p>

Birth of a Revolution

<p>For centuries the vast majority of humanity has suffered under the thumb of elitism, the system where powerful political and commercial interests collude to take advantage of the rest of us. They start wars, they create globalism, they call us consumers. The classic name for this is plutocracy. It’s a clear sign of the failure of government, serving the interests of elites instead of citizens.<br /><br /><span>But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Occupy World 5.0

We are in uncharted territory. This is like no time in our civilization’s history - global food shortages, climate crisis, unending war and violence, corporate domination, rampant systemic corruption, government collusion with corporations, abject poverty and homelessness, mass extinctions - it’s a long list barely begun here. It’s enough to leave one feeling hopeless in the face of such onslaughts. And yet there is hope.

In Praise of Hemp

There’s a lot of energy in the air these days surrounding hemp, and with good reason. Hemp was removed from our culture back in the early 20th Century when a number of laws were established that demonized hemp and marijuana. Now, as we’re learning that so much once held as true is false, it should come as no surprise that our illusions about hemp are crumbling as well.

In Praise of Hemp

<p><span>Hemp is the common name for cannabis, the first plant cultivated by humanity as we crept from being Neolithic to becoming Agrarian. Likely this was due to a few reasons. First, hemp is an extremely versatile plant,</span><a href=""><span> with leaves, seeds and stalks all capable of creating useful products</span></a><span>.

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