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What The Wheel Of Time Gets Right

The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy novel series that spans 14 meaty books. The author, Robert Jordan, passed after book 11, and the last three were completed by Brandon Sorenson from the original author’s notes.

There are any number of remarkable aspects to this series, far more than its length. For starters, women are central to many narratives as they can wield the One Power, a Jedi like superpower known as weaving. The richness of the many communities and narratives that are encountered along with the array of evil characters provides plenty of entertainment and maybe more.

Which leads me to the title of this piece. The stirring, enthralling truth that is an open secret in this great story is the recognition of our eternity. We are literally riding on the wheel of time, all the while here in eternity.

For anyone paying attention, the totality of Now is clearly the central fact of existence, biological or otherwise. There is no other moment in time that exists. Even when we’re buried in past thoughts or considering some future outcome, we do it from here. We always move from Here.

The reason is that only in this point in time do Eternal Awareness and Infinite Energy co-mingle. This is the only place in time where Life exists, which means all that is exists only Now. As biological creatures, this is even more glaringly true. When do we breathe? When is our heart beating?

Our corrupt culture is so out of whack that even such a simple truth has been lost to us. Yet in The Wheel of Time, this truth is clear and understood throughout. And such clarity resonates with us, even if we don’t yet get the totality of Now.

There are plenty of passages that make this stance abundantly clear. Rand asks his dad Tam ‘how long before The Wheel throws you back out again’. Or Egwene threatening a whitecloak tormentor with ‘when I come back around’.

Imagine how different our culture would be if we held this awareness throughout. If it was universally recognized that now is the only point in time that exists, and hence we are all here together sharing this. Subtle but profound differences, and maybe not so subtle.

Far and away the great difference I see is the release from so much of our fear. There is a great mantle of fear that envelops our world, sadly by design. The terrified are much more likely to accept a bad situation and far less likely to actively seek to create a healthier planet. Fear tends to discourage things like protests, strikes and even community building. We’re more likely to try and ‘protect ourselves’. And so we’re enslaved by our anxious mind.

If we clearly recognize our eternity, what is there to fear? Death is seen for what it is, the end of a biological cycle. Indeed, death has been the end of all biological entities, at least as far as we know. Just another sleep cycle as the next cosmic adventure awaits us.

Another effect is that the idea of ‘strangers’ loses its power. We are very tribal here on Planet Earth, with visceral reactions to people who look differently to us. Of course, much of that ingraining has been fostered upon us by those same entities that have been controlling us for hundreds of years. The world’s super elite want us divided and afraid. We see this programming today through the white supremacy memes in the US and elsewhere.

One more thing the recognition of our place in eternity brings. Perspective. We let ourselves see the world much more widely, with much less emphasis on our personal, momentary experiences. We recognize the whole egocentric view of the world is false, and any fame or fortune is fleeting. We see much clearer value to relationship, and much less of a need to acquire money and its attendant power. We undermine the whole false, money-based culture we grew up in.

There are many more characteristics and changes that might result from this recognition of our eternity. That this simple truth is at the center of our biological experience is why we find it so stirring in this fabulous adventure, now being released via Amazon Prime tv. The first season wrapped up on Christmas Eve and is available for streaming. The second season release date has yet to be revealed. It has been renewed for a third season with the hope to complete the journey in 8 seasons.

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