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Where Do We Go From Here

After nearly two years of Trump, decades of war, corporations more powerful and insulated than ever, and our federal government a travesty. Where do we go from here? Recognize too that we have been beaten down and misled for hundreds, if not a thousand years. Elite use of the legal entity called ‘The Corporation’ has decimated our lives and planet.

We must create a culture of truth, and of first principles. Truth in recognizing that we all share Life right now, and no other time exists. Contrary to our conditioning, we are All Here Together forever. First principles are what we already know. We begin with integrity, because without integrity we do not have trust, and without trust we devolve into a culture like the one we live in Now. And this broke down shit must change.

The chief weapon used against us in our quest for truth and understanding is fear. It is fear that drove the bomb maker and the Jew killer last week. It is fear (and Trump’s delusional offer to relieve your fear), that presents him with his ‘supporters’. As Chris Hedges notes, these are cult followers.

We can’t fix them. At least not yet. Fighting them but infuriates them further. We’ll get to healing their trauma and teaching them a better way. But we must first do this for ourselves.

We may have little control over the world we find ourselves in, but we have control over our thoughts and feelings. We elect how we play this moment with our thoughts and feelings and belief systems. The belief codes that drive our behaviors. We can look more deeply inside ourselves to rid ourselves of the ugly monster of fear. The remedy is the peace and love inherent Here in Life.

You’ll have to understand our new operating system, World 5.0, if these words do not make sense. Because ‘we go from here’ is exactly this new construct. An idea whose time has clearly come. And again, check out World 5.0 if all this seems unclear.

We are in an unprecedented time in our history. The thousand years of elite rule through the legal entity of ‘the corporation’ is coming to an end. Our eyes are finally opening to the truth of our old civilization, and it will not stand much longer. It’s utterly unfair, ecologically devastating, violent and utterly corrupt. The profit motive is not a good foundation for culture. Life is.

In World 5.0 we find peace and love, based on Life itself. We demand integrity in our systems and encourage it in our people. We even now are coagulating into a New Age.

In World 5.0 we restore natural systems, ecologies, like never before. We enliven the already evident movement toward localism and organic food. Renewable energy, rooftop wind and solar, so much we can transform.

We can put an end to war, and the fucking permanent war paradigm. This sick perversion of inventing and antagonizing different tribes, ‘enemies’, and then blowing the shit out of them out of pure greed, must end. It’s our top priority here in World5.

So ‘where do we go from here’ is together. This together we share in time has to translate to together in remaking our culture. From one of war to peace. From one of scarcity to abundance. From greed to consideration. From fear to love.

The pace of this transformation is not our concern. Life handles such things. Our concern is awakening to our sisters and brothers, to our intent and to Life itself. To find ourselves in integrity, peace and love. 


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