gratitude rocks

Of Clear Mind and Warm Heart

In this time of brokenness, where truth is lost to lies and propaganda at a record pace, there is a respite. There is a way to discern what is ‘real’ from all the bullshit we live in. There is a place to ground oneself…

The place we ground ourselves is Here in Life. The totality of Now. Recognizing that we’re All Here Together, and that we go on like this for eternity, helps us find our place in life. Even when we stop breathing and lose our bodies, we continue forward, even as our ancestors and so many family members and friends have passed into a different form, but they remain with us. Hold our ground, it never fails.

In this time of brokenness, the above is not easily understood even though it’s the central fact of our existence. We’ve been traumatized and bamboozled and abused for generations. No wonder the above seems hard to grasp.

The way we ground ourselves Here in Life is through breathing and meditation. They go together. The very act of paying attention to our breathing helps to ground us in this moment. If we focus on our breath, we let the rapid fire of thoughts in our head settle just a bit, becoming less pronounced, less distracting. We breathe, we relax, we let go, working our way to a sense of gratitude.

Gratitude is such a part of Love that the experience of it brings alignment and peace. We become much more ‘in our bodies’ and in our feelings. We roll with how we feel, even as we intend a quiet mind and warm heart.

Now, there are times in processing our PTSD that our emotions run wild. Let them, so long as it’s not a destructive pattern. Even when it feels like our heart is being torn, go with it. In feeling our feelings, by being in our bodies, we heal. 

As is clear, these are not normal or typical times we live in. We are in the early stages of transformative change. Our broken culture is being replaced by one that is far healthier and far more fair. The corrupt system is breaking down more each day.

Our part is to hold this space. Hold it with love, even as we are held by Life Itself. If you feel like engaging actively in this vast transition, follow your heart to do what feels best to you. Engage in local endeavors for change. Engage in politics. Become a champion for our Earth.

This is the process. And this is learning to be our true selves. We move from Here with a clear mind and a warm heart. 

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