Personal Healing

“When we identify with the ego, we cannot be fearless. When we identify with Awareness, we cannot be afraid.” – World 5.0

Our Levels of Being

Before we can discuss our personal evolution we must be agreed on what we are. ree components are involved, making us something of a hybrid. e rst component is our consciousness, our “divine spark” or core of Eternal Awareness. While individualized, as a subset of awareness, consciousness is eternal. is is who we are at the deepest level. Next, and this is the one most uniquely human: we are thinkers and feelers. We have minds. We have hearts. We have intent. Together they form our souls. On this level we are quite capable of divorcing ourselves from our physical surroundings and living in a world of ideas or emotions. e opposite is true as well: we are quite capable of seeing ourselves as little more than bodies. e third component is our evolving physicality—we are bodies.

In short, we are conscious, symbol and emotion-oriented, physical entities. As such, the laws we live by can seem quite complicated, because the physical laws that apply to our bodies may di er from those that apply to our souls and both may di er from the laws of consciousness. Let’s try to do a bit of sorting, shall we?

We are our bodies. No question. We have obvious physicalness, clearly an essential part of our present reality. To deny the reality of our body, or consider it as somehow unclean or unwholesome, leaves us in a precarious position. Our bodies ground us to the life experience we’re currently in. Our senses are tools for experiencing this life. Our bodies tether us to this current reality.

Aspects of the realm of the body include feeling physical pain or pleasure, seeing the e ects of time on our body and being part of the solid reality within which we exist. Pretty basic stu . It’s what the body is not or does not do that can cause so much confusion.

Personal Healing

While the body feels pleasure and pain, it does not create feelings of fear or love. ose are mental/emotional constructs, created at the level of intent, or the soul. We imagine that our bodies react with fear to say, a sense of falling, but if we consider falling an immense pleasure, we will enjoy the sensation [though we may still splat at the end]. We would then nd ourselves severely hurt and in excruciating pain, which may change our opinion on the pleasurability of falling. But that decision, and the decision to be afraid the next time we nd ourselves falling [if we so choose], comes from our intent. In as much as we spend immeasurable time fearing and fretting for our bodies, it is a requirement of peace to understand that fear exists on the mental/ emotional level. Bodies do not fear.

Similarly, our bodies may hurt due to a past incident, disease or the toll of aging. Associating this hurt with a particular behavior, say being hit by a car, will cause us to try to avoid such situations in the future. But this predilection to avoid similar situations is mental, emotional and psychological. e body, per se, is no more likely to avoid being hit again than it was the rst time. It can be argued that animals take steps to avoid future pain, but such foresight is in direct proportion to the level of consciousness contained by that life-form—again indicating that it is at the level of intent that such interpretations are made. Bodies are emotionally neutral. It is our intent that has us quaking in fear or resting in peace.

At the other extreme of who we are, we are individualized Awareness. Consciousness is the eternal component that we partake in. Awareness is eternal, and like begets like. is level is the level of Eternity, or God if you prefer. It literally is Peace. It has no need of repair. So we have both an evolutionary body and an eternal spirit, setting the stage for some interesting dynamics.

Which brings us to the level of thoughts and emotions, the level of mind and heart, where the action is for us alive on Planet Earth: the place between consciousness and physicality. It is the level of intent, or the soul. It is on this level that meaning is found and decisions are made. All our impressions and emotions, all our victories and failures, all our interpretations of reality come on this level. Our intent scurries frantically when overwhelmed by fear, stress or drama. Our intent also rests quietly when attuned to Awareness. It is intent that plans for tomorrow and remembers yesterday. Intent generates our attitudes, passions, ideologies and emotions. Even when we’re literally paralyzed with fear, like a deer in the headlights, it is our intent that creates this condition.

As we move to find our truest selves, we must come to understand on which level a problem exists. is is required so we can address the problem at the correct level. Of course the level of spirit has no problems, so we’re down to two. As noted above, the body is non- thinking and emotionally neutral. It cannot generate fear or love. If we lose a hand, the body will do its best to survive as best it can, with no emotional overtones. It’s incapable of them. But if our thoughts and feelings bemoan the loss, we tend to think of the body as the reason for our distress. Not true.

Glorifying the body will not succeed. Glorifying the Eternal is not enough. We must understand that the playground of healing is the level of the soul. We must learn to appreciate that our intent is the singular instrument of our transformation.

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