The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.  

Che Guevara

But you still have to wait until it’s ripe.

Jim Prues
the lotus faux

We must rise up. It is the imperative of our time, of our lives here together. We must rise up to be the best person we can be – our truest self. And we must rise up because the old system must be replaced.

Throughout the history of civilization the trend has been ‘leaders’ primarily interested in leveraging their position by subjugating, abusing or otherwise taking advantage of others. We’ve seen it in Egyptian Pharaohs, Medieval Kings, Lords, Merchants and elites of every stripe whose sense of entitlement and lack of empathy have given us our modern world.

As a consequence, we the people have risen up any number of times to challenge those gaming the system for their own ends. From the French Revolution and the slow toil of the Civil Rights Movement all the way to present day Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter, Arab Spring, and the many other groups resisting Empire, we have risen up and fought back.

Time to rise again

Clearly in these times of vast income inequality and deteriorating situations in countries and ecosystems, it is time we rise up once again. As comprehend our recognition that we’re all here together, we will also develop this site to help in the enabling of Rising Up, through organization, localism, protests and actions, around topics dear to us, and by refusing to be the uneducated, disengaged, apathetic populace our systems and leaders so much encourage.

We will strive to bring together all the great efforts already underway to stave off the horrid influence of elitism, corporatism and nation-state politics. As Bernie Sanders keeps telling us, the system will not change until millions and millions of people rise up and stand up to the institutional injustice and inequality that so controls world systems these days #notmeus is the telling twitter hashtag of the Sanders campaign.

The millennial revolution

In these times where we find so much revealed, whether it’s Donald Trump’s nefarious scheme to usurp the election process, the failure of corporations to end their “greed at all costs”, the rise of ideology in our politics or the failure to address basic risks like climate chaos, these are indicators of the vast changes coming into focus in these times. The veil has been lifted. There is no longer any debate about the role global corporations play in destroying resources and debilitating lives. There’s no longer any doubt about climate change and the need to end the fossil fuel industry. Or that we’re being ripped off by big pharma and the for-profit healthcare industry. It seems insane. Which it is, and which is why so many of us, especially the young, are not going to take it any more. At this juncture [early June, 2016], it’s uncertain how this election cycle will play out. Fortunately, we can offer with some certainty the notion that this revolution is not about to end, or fail, or dissipate, as the elitists hope, that their power can continue unabated. There are millions of reason why this revolution will continue. And we each have names…

Using the Platform

The World5 platform is revolutionary. This Platform embodies the best of what we humans need to do to survive and thrive. And it goes further still. By focusing on this five areas we dismantle the corrupt oligarchy now in place, are replace it with a restorative, holistic and damn entertaining culture – the culture of World 5.0.

With every decision about what we’re going to eat. With every decision to be peaceful or to blow up the vibe with acrimony, with every stand we take toward restoring government, we further our cause. With every dollar we spend, every local merchant we interact with versus being greeted at Walmart, we engender the change we need. Do not forget the power you have over your own life, and use your intent to help us change this mess into a garden.


Now we are finding our humanity and finding each other. We’re also finding new and ancient ways to heal, to nourish and to awaken ourselves. This is truly a changing of the ages. Whatever each of us contribute further enables World5, and helps to create a peaceful and agile transition to our coming culture of peace and love.

We must rise up!