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World 5.0 is the most important idea of our time. It leverages the idea of an operating system, and applies it to our global culture. Our previous cultures were Neolithic, Agrarian, Medieval and we now witness the crumbling of the Industrial Age, World4, all around us.

Based on The Three Truths, and enabled by this fabulous new tool The InterWeb, we can use this idea of World5 to replace the turmoil and abuse of the world4 culture with a far more equitable and enjoyable one. Our intent is to be present to the Reality of This Moment, to awaken ourselves and our families, and to heal our communities, ecologies and our Earth through Peace and Love.The only true freedom is freedom from fear.

On the personal side, we appreciate the power of our intent, and leverage it to determine our experience right now. After all, we are always all here together. The time is always Now. The answer is always Love.

On the planetary side, we restore community and ecology via the World 5.0 Platform. We live in peace. We spend our money locally, eating at local restaurants and buying local goods and services as much as possible. We create a people powered movement to reconstitute government. Only then will government be an honest moderator between community and commercial interests. So, the term World5 applies to both our personal reality, and to the effort of transforming our world.

We hold Integrity, Justice and Balance as principles that guide our transactions and relationships. And we support intelligent design – design based on health and sustainability as opposed to design whose only goal is to further enrich the rich. As we shift to the World5 mindset, the old patterns of abuse and corruption dissipate, and new patterns of healing emerge. We find formerly insurmountable problems as challenges we relish, with new-found passion and clarity of purpose.

The term World 5.0, then, has several connotations. It is another term for Life in this Moment. It describes this epochal awakening. It describes our emerging operating system. It understands the power of our intent. And it is the name for the operating system intended to reconstitute government so that we may restore community and ecology.

You can learn much more about our new o/s by reading the book, World 5.0 – We Move From Here, checking out the Declaration Video, and perusing this site.

About | Jim Prues

I am truly a child of the 1960s, with my ‘wiring’ and ideas very much an outgrowth of those times. Growing up within a large, loving family, I was always a curious sort. Growing up Catholic – questions about the nature of God, and where we are and where we come from were an itch from as long as I can remember.

A lifelong citizen of the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I’ve been an entrepreneur and the owner of video production company, Panoptic Media for 25 years. I’m part of a large family, in which I find great joy. Always curious about why things are as they are, I’ve focused on Eastern and Western spiritualism, A Course in Miracles, chakras and well, most anything Life, Earth and Sun have to offer. Along with authoring ‘World 5.0 – We Move From Here’, I’ve been a writer, musician, activist, Occupier and candidate for the United States Congress.

When I was struck with this notion of world5 while walking my wolf dog in 2004, this notion and its power became my life’s work. Since then, several iterations of this website, a declaration, a book about healing ourselves, our earth and our life together, and numerous other content, I again find myself Here, with all of you. but Now we’re on the threshold of a New Age.

While Free Love and Peace were ideas too far ahead of their time in the 60s, I’m convinced that such is not true today. Indeed, World 5.0 and our New Age was birthed on 12/21/12.

For speaking, consultation or conversation, I can be reached here… [email protected].

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You know about how money works. It’s a form of power, but one that will diminish as we roll forward. Still, in the foreseeable future it’s much needed. We want to make this transition as peaceful and agile as possible. Bring it if you can. We’ll use it wisely.