Here in Life, where we live within Eternal Awareness and this constant flux of Energy, ultimately all is well.

Together we heal

Except we’re fucking biological. We were born, we breathe, we live, we die. Damn. Being human. Humans being. 

Insistent pattern of wholeness

Everything is as it is with all reason and purpose, and we can console ourselves with this wisdom even when our personal lives are a mess. Still, in this dance of Awareness and Energy, there is an insistent pattern of wholeness that emerges whenever systems are in balance. We see it in our Universe, in ecosystems across our Earth, and in our personal lives. Another name for ‘insistent pattern of wholeness’ is health. We attain greater health through healing – so we see that health and healing are essential, natural aspects of being alive.

Of course, the great discrepancy and potential disconnect is that we are multi-layered beings, with bodies, thoughts, emotions and belief codes. In the World4 culture, the thoughts, emotions and belief codes are pretty much all about the body. We’ve been utterly conditioned to fear for our bodies, to glorify them, to judge others on their bodies, and on and on.

Yet we are composed of something else as well. Indeed, it is our core. It is this Spirit of Awareness we all share. It is this Spirit of Awareness that causes us to be in bodies here on Earth, at this point. And this point, Now, goes on forever. So in truth what we are about is finding our core, which entails changing our belief codes, which is done by changing our thoughts and feelings.

Essential healing

Here in World 5.0, where truth reigns, Healing is seen as a requirement in our personal lives, and as a requirement in our communities and the global culture at large, lest we find our planet uninhabitable, an outcome that doesn’t seem to impinge on the minds of elites. Yet we move forward differently – finding the truth about ourselves and learning to let go of fear.  We further engage in planetary healing, which entails stopping the horrific effects of war, using fossil fuels and the devastation of industrial agriculture.

There is nothing more crucial for each of us than finding our true selves. To be aligned in healing our dear planet, we must first heal within. Find the belief codes that are the basis of your fears. Keep digging, which we do through forgiveness and gratitude. Let the blockages go. Find yourself happy. The Three Truths provide great insight in finding and growing our true selves.

And to the Earth

The catastrophic condition of our dear Earth is an abomination. Its restoration is urgent. We have to take great steps forward to heal our planet. We well know the reasons for this wounded state. With World5, we can take tremendous steps forward. We know corporatism must be brought to heel, and honest capitalism must be balanced with socialism and environmentalism. We know we must engage.

Climate change is at the top of the list. We can act aggressively to continue the demise of fossil fuels, the worst perpetrator of global warming and weather chaos. We can end war, which is so horrendous in so many ways. The military industrial complex uses vast resources to kill and maim. And not just humans. The ecological costs of war are staggering, and must be brought to a halt.

Imagine our revolution turning the tide against these old over-worn forces of elitism. Imagine a focus on tree bombs seeding millions of square miles. Water generating systems to reverse desertification. Managing our oceans to recreate the rich ecologies that once thrived there. Communities everywhere creating healthy ecologies where once was former industrial sites, mines or other abominations.

The need could hardly be greater, but it is matched by our potential – should we find our focus. Our focus is Peace and Love Now, as is the reality of Life. Drama or entertainment is your choice.


As we learn and grow, we’ll become much more effective at taking on the old corrupt culture – a very healing endeavor in its own right, and we’ll be part of the Revolution which is reshaping our politics even now. Onward, ever onward, from Here where we never leave…


“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” – Buddha

One of the great challenges of our time is finding our true selves. To a large degree, this is because we grew up in a dysfunctional culture where the great emphasis of those in power is to keep us bamboozled by bullshit. It does not help that this culture does not even recognize The Three Truths, or our grounding Here in Life. It’s no wonder we’re such a mess.

Add to that the great stresses and traumas we’ve face living in these times. The Permanent War Paradigm, Shock Doctrine Economics, neglect, violence, ideology… it’s a long list of issues that have distracted us from ourselves. It’s time we find our way back to ourselves. Chapter 3 of World 5.0 – Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together is focused on Personal Healing. Highly recommended… 🙂 Download World5.0 Book by Jim Prues

Going within

The only way to achieve personal healing is by looking within. As Peter Gabriel sang, “Digging in the dirt, to find the places we got hurt.” We have all suffered traumatic experiences. Even the experience of being born into a biological body is traumatic, and many of us have suffered far worse. 

The thing about personal healing is that it doesn’t matter so much where we’re coming from, the process is still the same. Each time we notice thoughts or emotions that prevent us from being happy, there’s something to explore. Why am I anxious? Jealous? Afraid? And each time we look at ourselves, we see a little more clearly the thoughts, emotions and belief codes that are keeping us in a negative space.

Using personal inquiry into how we think and feel allows us to find honesty, and to begin to let go of the painful experiences and attitudes which wreak havoc on our happiness and health. As we dig more deeply, we begin to see our belief codes – the deeply held and usually poorly understood notions that drive our experience of Life. Most of us have long held religious and cultural belief codes about what is right and what is good and what is proper.

This process is not even. We’ll feel like we’re getting it and we’ll regress, and we’ll carry on once again to find our true self. Our efforts to forgive becomes an interest, and then passion, for gratitude. And as our gratitude becomes more consistent, joy finds its way to us. Finally we appreciate that we are all exactly where we are with ‘all reason’. It is what it is. Cherish or condemn. Your choice, but appreciate where each leads…

World 5.0 is based on The Three Truths, which orients our culture toward the fundamental nature of reality, and away from the severe level of bullshit so pronounced in our failing world4 culture.


World4 has an underlying axiom that time is a continuum, with past, present and future as the three components, all having similar validity in our lives. But this is blatantly false. Our experience of reality points in different direction. Our experience suggests that we live in This Moment, a place in time we cannot leave [care to try?].

And yet this false, world4 mindset dominates our culture. Who has not heard some pundit proclaim: “The reality is if we don’t stop terrorists, they will blow up our country.” “If-thens” are not reality, they are if-thens. Reality is Here, this moment. Sure, if may lead to this or that if/then, but if a car bomber in Times Square makes a poor bomb, or a thousand other circumstances develop, then his bomb does not do damage. And yet the if/then assumptiveness runs rampant in world4 culture, creating as stated above, a severe level of bullshit.


Life Is This Moment

The first truth is stated thus: Life Is This Moment. It consists of Eternal Awareness and this constant flux of Energy. We Live Here.

Eternal Awareness is but another name for God, Life, Love, Peace, Truth, etc. They are the same. This constant flux of energy is an obvious scientific fact. As energy patterns, we share the same Earth, the same air, families and communities and of course, this lovely never-ending Moment. And again, We Live Here but further cements our place in time and in relationship.

Fear or Love

The second truth is this: Here, of prime concern is our intent, fear or Love.

Once we get ourselves acclimated to our Hereness, we more easily recognize the power of our intent in determining our experience. We know about attitude and its effects. World5 offers the understanding that we create the quality of our experiences through our intent. We cannot keep another from anger or hate, but we can well choose our response to such unpleasantness.

The second part of this truth is that the simple choice for our intent is between fear and Love. This simplicity is lost in the world4 culture, with its distraction and manipulation, but its reality is not lessened for lack of awareness. Thoughts and feelings of compassion, peace, love, beauty, contentment, communion – all align with Love. Thoughts and feelings of self-importance, of fear, anger, hate, depression, boredom, meanness – all the result of fearfulness.

It’s worth recognizing, too, our levels of being. We are body, mind and Spirit, and while our bodies are distinct, our Spirit is One, as the term describes the Divine Spark we each carry and all share. So while we must train ourselves to be fearless in our minds, our Spirit is already without fear. Being of Eternal Awareness, it is impossible for Spirit to experience fear.

Only Love makes us happy

The third truth is the most simple of all: Only Love makes us happy.

Now while some of our less aware brothers and sisters believe they are finding happiness in taking advantage or abusing another, in having better looks or more possessions, in obtaining status and fame, etc. These experiences might mirror happiness, even as lust might mirror Love, but something inside us knows better. Indeed, studies show that those folks who are helpful and compassionate are far happier than those who care only for themselves. Imagine this.

A happiness that disappears with the end of a relationship is not happiness. A happiness that flees as soon as one is bested in some fashion is not happiness. A happiness that reviles another or some group of others is not happiness at all, but the unwell smirkiness of a lost soul.

Real happiness stems from Eternal Awareness, Our Source. It is the joy found only in This Moment, the joy of being Immersed Together. Real happiness remains constant in spite of the dramas that this life entails. Real happiness comes from our Soul. In connecting with our true selves, we connect with all. Now that’s nice.

A threat to World4

Of course from the world4 perspective such ideas are threatening, their merits ridiculed and demonized as world4 pundits and apologists are inclined to do. But it’s clear these days that world4 is ridiculous, and if we do not find a better path for ourselves and our peeps, we leave this Earth a far poorer place, and ourselves as well.


“When you don’t cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life. Eckhart Tolle” 

Our great need as a planet and culture is healing. If you are reading this you’re no doubt well aware of the poor condition of our lives and our Earth. Indeed, it is our hope that this website will help us Rise Up and wrest control of our culture from the current controllers, who have no love for us or anything else that lives on this Earth. They will easily sacrifice us all to maintain power. So it will not end unless we Rise Up.

Chapter Four, Planetary Healing, from the book World 5.0 – Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together offers some insight… Download World5.0 Book by Jim Prues

A new earth

We have disrupted the ecosystem of our home planet so effectively that we’re clearing in a ‘mass extinction phase’. Species declines and dissolutions are commonplace. We continue with horrific practices that destroy our lands, water, forests, oceans, and indeed, our lives.

Some even claim we’ve passed a tipping point, and restoring the Earth is impossible. Restoring the Earth to a previous stage is of course impossible. What we most need now is the passion and energy of millions of us applying pressure to fossil fuel companies and other destroyers. We must engage in the most crucial fight in our civilization’s history!

And even still, with all the tragic acts and destructive patterns acted out by mindless corporations, we can make incredible, positive changes with the proper focus. Ridding ourselves of the Military/Industrial/Media Complex will do wonders for creating the space for this creative renewal.

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