The world would be a poor place indeed without commerce [pun intended]. Along with community, it serves a vital purpose in our daily lives.


Sadly, in our culture today and throughout much of our history, commerce has been controlled by corporations for interests we do not share. As it plays out in our lives today it’s called globalism or plutocracy, and it preys on people and planet alike. It respects nothing but money, and it is in dire need of transformation.

We often forget that this is not a new phenomenon. Ever since the city and nation-states of Europe initiated global colonization, some 600 years ago, we’ve had the opposite of honest commerce. We’ve had rapacious behavior justified by ‘religious fervor’, which is a process that continues even today. The methodology today is just more sophisticated. It may well be true that in order to bring balance back into our lives, corporations must be banned. They originated in England some thousand years ago, and their value beyond enriching their controllers is suspect. One can imagine that honest commerce was a casualty of the Agrarian Age, as royalty or persons of influence managed to take more than they gave. It is time we reversed that trend, and use this fabulous Interweb to ensure a new iteration of honest trade.

Taking back commerce

In World 5.0, we take our commerce back. We apply integrity to the process of buying and selling goods and services. We recognize we stand grounded in the Sacred, in Life itself. We know now that “getting over” is as destructive to the person who perpetuates such behavior is it is to the victim. We are all one here together.

As we develop this space we intend a platform for buying, selling and bartering that holds integrity. This will a ‘corporate-free’ space, where individuals and small businesses can find each other and highlight their products and services. And of course, we always encourage shopping locally.

Voting with dollars

In creating our new culture, it is critical to remember the powerful role each of us plays with every dollar we spend. Every time we choose to eat at a local establishment instead of say, McDonald’s, we mitigate the effects of globalization to some minute degree. Every dollar we spend with a local merchant instead of Walmart contributes to the implementation of the World5 culture. Every choice to use a local banking institution or credit union for financial transactions instead of a conglomerate like Bank of America or Citi moves us toward health, more vital communities, and a more balanced Earth. Wall Street has already proven its interests and loyalties, and they do not include us.

Coming soon

This Commerce area of World5 will be developed to create a lively space for buying and selling goods and services. Because of our World5 nature, integrity will be required of sellers and buyers. Giant corporations are not welcome until they re-orient toward our values. Imagine a destination where you can buy or sell with complete trust, knowing the product or service is sustainable, fair and useful. We’ll incorporate a rating system as well, so you can see the experience and thoughts from previous buyers. This will be a tremendous shift from the ‘Walmartification’ of the old world. Commerce, like all else in the old culture, is to be transformed. Stay tuned to this space.