This page is about making Cincinnati the World Capital of Hemp Production and Products! In the 1800s Cincinnati was the pork capital of the world, with our pork products reaching the East Coast and our pickled pork making its way to Europe. Hence the name, ‘Porkopolis’. We can again become a world leader, this time in the transition away from fossil fuel plastics, cotton and even petroleum in favor of similar products made from hemp derivatives.

This awakening and transformation requires new thinking and more research, yet the proof of concept clearly exists. Hemp, long demonized, has incredible potential in helping to restore our lives and planet. It’s local nature also helps reverse the ugly trend of globalization, which is but a strategy of corporate control.

This PDF is a great starting point. And while I focus on my home of Cincinnati, any community can benefit from getting with hemp.

Hempopolis PDF

Hemp is the Future of Plastics

Understanding Hemp Plastics


And this from 10 years ago…

See how we can re-introduce this wonderful plant into our culture. Join us!

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