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The Cincinnati Southern Railway

For those not local to the Cincinnati area, you likely aren’t aware that the city of Cincinnati owns a rail line. We’ve had it since 1880, and now our politicians want to sell it off to Norfolk Southern, that wonderful corporation that brought is the disaster in East Palestine last February.

In a surprising confluence, my friend Justin Jeffre asked me about filming former mayor Dwight Tillary for remarks again the sale about a month ago. A bit later that same day Justin asked if I could also record Alfred Nippert. Alfred had such knowledge that the next day I suggested to Justin we could probably make a documentary with all we got from Alfred. He said go for it.

As it happened I was also able to film former Cincinnati councilman Kevin Flynn who also happens to be a real estate attorney. The result is this 20 minute documentary that describes the reason it came to be, construction, its evolution and why it remains a valuable asset. Lots of cool old photos and moving pictures….

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